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Work Study - Fulfilling the Vow of Your Birth: Exploring Purpose and Potential Month of January 14-February 11, 2018

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“What will your life look like, and how will you feel, if every day you rise to meet your highest potential?” asks Michael Sapiro. “Offering everyone you meet, and the community you live in, your fullest self. How will you live differently when you integrate all aspects of yourself, from the shadowy, primal elements to the deepest joys of being? Our potential for living a life of purpose and value occurs when we acknowledge and use our innate gifts while simultaneously accepting life’s challenges, including our own psychological and spiritual suffering. This is what it means to fulfill the vow of our birth.”
In close dialogue and reflection with yourself, others in the group, and with Michael, you will have a chance to:
• Invite your vast and unlimited potential to play
• Investigate your life’s purpose
• Identify personal values
• Set goals to meet those values and live a life of purpose
• Examine stuck points and personal obstacles that have kept you from fulfilling your potential
• Encourage personal growth and psychological development
“We will engage in activities of guided introspection, group discussion, meditation and awareness practices, private reflection, and writing activities to bolster connection with yourself while embracing all that arises in the process. We will learn to love every element within us as a tool for growth and development, and leave feeling renewed. Each of us will create an action plan to continue expanding into our greatest potentials, thus fulfilling the vow of our birth.”
A one-time private session can also be arranged with Michael for added support during the month.


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