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Legacy Group - Spiritual Massage and Compassionate Touch Month of February 11-March 11, 2018

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Spiritual Massage is a hands-on healing practice that can balance the energy body and gently facilitate release of physical, mental/emotional, relational, and spiritual blockages. This experiential course presents training in Spiritual Massage, as well as related healing modalities including guided meditation, chakra system alignment, active imagination journey work, and restorative yoga. Each session will focus briefly on a different energy center, and be built upon in following classes. From a deepened state of awareness, participants will explore grounding, presence, and energy as the foundations of compassionate touch. The group field will form a safe and soothing environment to support both the learning and the healing processes. Activities and coursework include:
· Centering practices and meditation to arrive into the present moment and prepare the giver of healing touch for the work
· Active imagination/visualizations to gather personal information about the chakra energy system
· Guided partner work that establishes connection with self and other in the context of healing touch, trust, movement, and listening
· Guided Spiritual Massage table work
· History and lineage of Spiritual Massage, which was developed at Esalen by Maria Lucia Sauer
Take a journey into the present moment, first listening and connecting deeply with self, and from that place intuitively touching others with a full heart and being. Participants will come away with the full protocol and methods of Spiritual Massage, and training and experience in meditation, active imagination journey work, and restorative yoga. This gentle, hands-on energetic touch is offered fully clothed. All levels of experience are welcome.


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