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Work Study -The Art and Science of Living Well, Together Month of August 27-September 24, 2017

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We are all interwoven within a dynamic, complex web of interdependent relationships. Whether we notice it or not, we are not separate from our engagement with others. Ironically, despite our multiple intelligences, tech smarts, mindfulness development, and brilliant systems, getting along with one another in everyday life remains one of the most challenging endeavors humans undertake. Linda Nicholls is a senior faculty of The Haven, an international personal and professional development center in Canada. The Haven specializes in methods to integrate multiple east/west disciplines, including wisdom from science, psychotherapy, existential thought, and eastern philosophy, and this program draws from that rich well to guide participants in cultivating their relational skills. Our goals for this program are to:
• Experience the juiciness of living life more fully
• Deepen self-knowledge and move beyond self-imposed limits
• Open to and express deeper dimensions of feeling in ways that enhance your life and relationships
• Gain valuable insights to strengthen health and well-being
• Learn and practice a transformative paradigm for communicating
• Rediscover joy and meaning in life
• Expand your capacity for harmonious, loving, and fulfilling relationships
Through experiential exercises, body practices, and verbal and nonverbal conversations, each participant will travel their unique relationship landscape. Domains of relational territory visited by the group will include boundary definition, shadow and projection, engaging in conflict, deepening intimacy, sexuality conversations, and inward relating such as inner critic self-talk. The goal of this month-long study is to learn to recognize our individual impact and responsibility for the success and health of our relationships, which can enrich and strengthen our ability to live in harmonious interdependence.


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