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Legacy Group:Asian Healing Arts: Theory and Practice Month of April 8-May 6, 2018

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The ancient, rich traditions of Asian healing arts are based on what is best described as an energetic paradigm of human existence. The healing techniques vary among cultures (for example among Japan, China, Thailand, and India) but at the core of each healing model is the understanding that human beings are simultaneously physical and energetic. In this Legacy program, participants will deeply engage in the study and practice of traditional Thai bodywork (Nuad Bo’Rarn). Thai bodywork combines aspects of assisted yoga, deep compressions, range of motion and stretching, point and energy pathway stimulation, and meditative mindfulness. Techniques will be taught to provide a flowing full body session with the recipient in four positions: supine, prone, lateral recumbent, and seated. The body mechanics and mindfulness of the practitioner will be emphasized. Special attention and techniques will be directed to the importance of deep abdominal work. In addition to Thai bodywork, participants will be taught cupping and gua sha, two important and clinically effective techniques that originated in China and eventually spread throughout Asia, the Middle East, and now into the Western world. Finally, participants will learn the precise anatomical locations, energetics, and clinical application of approximately 50 major acupressure points.
There are no academic or previous bodywork training pre-requisites for this program. Please be aware that the course of study is somewhat physically demanding and requires being comfortable working on a floor mat in a kneeling position.
Recommended reading: Gold, Thai Massage: A Traditional Medical Technique; Kaptchuk, The Web That Has No Weaver.
For continuing education syllabus, see
CE credit for massage;


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