Esalen Institute Unveils The Way Forward, A Series of New Quarterly Digital Summits
Registration Is Open for the First Summit Taking Place March 13-14

BIG SUR, CALIF. – February 23, 2021 -  The Esalen Institute, a not-for-profit holistic educational retreat whose mission is to be a major catalyst in the transformation of humankind, today announced a new series of quarterly digital summits for 2021 called The Way Forward. Each summit will focus on the experience of collective trauma from three key seismic events: the pandemic, antidemocratic political violence, and the upswell of international protests for Black lives.

The first in the series, The Way Forward: How To Stay Inspired, Reintegrate, and Find Hope in the Shadow of the Pandemic will run from March 13-14, and explore how we address the trauma of the COVID pandemic.  There will be two primary tracks, one featuring speakers and the other featuring healing and embodiment practitioners. Over the course of two days, Christine Chen — best-selling author, master yoga teacher, Ayurveda advisor, and host of Esalen Live! — will guide participants through ten to twelve hours of speakers and practitioners offering a range of tools and practices to manage grief and loss, and promote healing.  

Announcements for the second- and third-quarter summits in June and September will follow in the coming weeks.

“The cumulative impact of longstanding barriers to realizing our best collective humanity have been overwhelming over the last twelve months,” said Terry Gilbey, General Manager and CEO.  “Esalen has always been a place that spawns new ideas and ways of being in the world.  The Way Forward Summits are a way to make space for people to connect and begin creating the conditions that will allow us to step into a better future together.”

Registration and ticketing are open now at The Way Forward/register.  Access to the summit livestream and live interaction with summit presenters is free for all who register. For those who are able to donate, sliding-scale tickets with access to unlimited replay content are available.

Presenters confirmed for the March summit to date are:

Dorothy Charles, Dorothy Charles has been a student and teacher at Esalen since 1982. A student of Esalen co-founder Richard Price, she combines Esalen body-centered Gestalt with relational Gestalt theory, and leads workshops in Asia, Europe and the U.S. Email Me

Mark Coleman, Mark Coleman is a Buddhist meditation teacher and has been teaching insight meditation for 20 years. He is author of Awake in the Wild, From Suffering to Peace, and Make Peace with Your Mind and leads nature-based meditation retreats and mindfulness teacher trainings in the U.S. and Europe.

Ken Dychtwald, Ken Dychtwald is a long-time Esalen lover, a gerontologist, psychologist, educator, author, lecturer, consultant and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Age Wave and has been a leading thinker on aging-related issues since 1974.

Lucia Horan, Lucia Horan was born and raised in the Esalen community. She has been teaching since 1998. Lucia received life-long direct training with Gabrielle Roth in the 5Rhythms® method. She is formally empowered to teach Buddha dharma in all capacities. Her unique perspectives on insight have been published in the book Dancing with Dharma: Essays on Movement And Dance.

Ira Israel, Ira Israel is a licensed psychotherapist and author of How to Survive Your Childhood Now That You're an Adult: The Path to Authenticity, as well as A Beginner’s Guide to Happiness, A Beginner’s Guide to Mindfulness Meditation, Mindfulness for Anxiety, and Yoga for Depression and Anxiety.

Shamani Jain, PhD Shamini Jain, PhD, is the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UC San Diego. Shamini integrates clinical psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, vocal performance and East Indian spiritual practice to share with others how they can best heal themselves and live joyful, meaningful lives.

Camille Maurine, Camille Maurine is the author of Meditation Secrets for Women and Meditation 24/7. Camille's work synthesizes meditation, movement and expression, with a keen passion for women’s spiritual empowerment and embodiment.

Swirl Moore, Swirl Jordan Moore, SWIRL LIFE founder and teacher/guide/facilitator at the Vitalist Institute has been leading people through self love to full expression for eight years.

Janet Stone, Janet Stone traveled to India in 1996, where she dedicated herself to a conscious evolution through yoga. Janet blends a wealth of knowledge and yoga experience to create a unique, vigorous yet sumptuous approach to Vinyasa yoga. She teaches in San Francisco and leads retreats internationally.

Lorin Roche, Lorin Roche, PhD, has practiced and taught meditation since 1968. He earned his degree for research in the language of meditation. He is the author of The Radiance Sutras, and with his wife, Camille Maurine, Meditation Secrets for Women.

Kirti Srivastava, Kirti Srivastava builds connections between the arts and healing to provide a holistic approach to honoring the whole being in all areas of life in order to heal, grow and expand.

Jeffrey WIlliams, Jeffrey Williams is the founder of Lifestyles of Light and Vitalist Institute. He is a multi-disciplinary transformation artist teaching and facilitating through movement, breath and sound and self-governance since 1999.

Justin Michael Williams, Justin Michael Williams knows all too well the powerful impact of healing — from growing up with gunshots outside of his bedroom window to sharing the stage with Deepak Chopra. With his groundbreaking book Stay Woke and over a decade of teaching experience, Justin has become a pioneering voice for diversity and inclusion in wellness.

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About Esalen:

Founded in 1962, Esalen is a not-for-profit holistic educational retreat center and a major catalyst in the transformation of humankind, working with individuals and institutions to help people integrate body, mind, heart, spirit, and community in a nurturing relationship with the environment. We work toward the realization of a more just, creative, and sustainable world, seeking answers to questions unlikely to be explored by traditional universities and religions. We sponsor pioneering initiatives and offer personal, spiritual, and social transformation programs for residents, interns, and workshop participants.