What's Happening at Esalen? Tap Into Your Inner Genius, Enneagram for Social Justice and More New Workshops
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July 19, 2021
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Esalen’s Upcoming Workshops and Events

What’s happening at Esalen? Standard Single Rooms start at $926 and go quickly. As you check out more new workshops for August, make your plans early to secure your choice of accommodations and avoid the waitlists for late summer and fall.

  • The Enneagram, Social Justice, and Racial Healing, August 15-20: This new workshop explores how the Enneagram can show the connection between inner work and the work of social justice. Instructors Russ Hudson and Dr. Deborah Egerton will unlock Enneagram's potential as a tool for healing and strengthening the purpose of those of us who have remained silent but are seeking an opportunity to learn how to engage as cultural allies and advocates — racial bridge builders for marginalized communities. Join Dr. Egerton’s interview on Esalen Live! July 27 at 11am PT. RSVP here.
  • R.D. Laing in the 21st Century, August 30-September 3: R. D. Laing wore many robes in his career, including psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, philosopher, social critic, author, poet, and mystic, and at the peak of his fame in the 1970s he was the most widely-read psychiatrist in the world. Helmed by Michael Guy Thompson, Nita Gage, and Fritjof Capra, this workshop is designed for those seeking answers to the meaning of life. It is a continuation of previous Esalen workshops that focused on Laing’s take on the nature of sanity and madness, the therapeutic relationship, altered states, plus the nature of love, authenticity, and most recently, spirituality. This workshop is best suited for those who are familiar with Laing’s work and who wish to explore it further.  


  • The Healing Keys, September 3-5: Join Dr. Shamini Jain and Dr. Lissa Rankin for an unforgettable weekend to unlock your healing capacities with the Healing Keys –  and learn how to integrate these keys into your life to move through your days with more energy, joy and ease.
  • Sing the Body Electric, September 17-19: Join Electric Health/Sound Therapy pioneer Eileen Day McKusick and internationally acclaimed musicians and musical facilitators the Brothers Koren for three powerfully transformative days to spark your creativity, connect to your inner harmony, and liberate your voice.
  • Role Mate to Soul Mate: The Art and Discipline of Love, October 1–3: Join thought leader and prolific author Warren Farrell for a workshop designed to help couples communicate more effectively and connect more profoundly via a series of exercises designed to deepen your love. (Note: For this course, a couple could be any two people with a history who desire a better future.)

If you still haven’t made your plans for July or August, the following summer workshops are still open for enrollment. 

 This is a complete list of workshops and events that are currently open for registration. Check the Journal every other Monday to see the latest additions to the schedule.

‍We hope to welcome you to Big Sur or see you online soon.

(And if you’ve always wanted to visit Esalen but haven’t been able to find the room in your budget: did you know about our scholarship program? Because money should never be a barrier to growth.)


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