What's Happening at Esalen?: Spring Workshops and Programming
Esalen Team
March 15, 2021
Esalen News

Spring and summer at Esalen are coming into focus! A rich schedule of workshops is here to support you, whether you just need a moment of stillness or are actively seeking transformation.

Find harmony in nature

Forest Bathing: Deepening Connection with Nature, Self, and Others, April 16–18: Forest immersion can lower the stress hormone cortisol, strengthen the immune system, and improve mood and cognition. The wildness of Big Sur joins tea ceremony, music, and sitting circles to help you connect to your most creative self.

Awake in the Wild: Meditation in Nature, May 28–30: Cultivate mindfulness under the stillness of the cyprus trees, in a meadow teeming with life, next to crashing ocean waves, and learn to be present to yourself while developing a contemplative relationship with nature.

Rest and restore

Meditation and Modern Life: A Weekend Retreat, April 9–11: When was the last time you gave something your undivided attention? Take a weekend to disconnect and learn the magic of stillness.

Learn new tools for transformation

Building Your Authentic Power Through Mindfulness and Music, March 28–April 2: Tap into your authentic power and break through barriers between you and your full potential. Prepare to do some singing!

The Toltec Path to Freedom: Breaking Old Agreements, April 2–4: The Toltec shamans of Mexico use storytelling to pass the gift of awareness from generation to generation. Join Toltec masters to explore ancient stories with profound lessons for modern life.

Actively build your best self

The Next You: The Art of Futuremaking, April 9–11: Use group discussion, guided imagery, meditation, and creative processes to reorient and craft the Next You. Get ready to meet your future self.

Evolutionary Embodiment: Living Inspired, Aligned, and Empowered, April 30–May 2: Explore your core values and use dynamic movement to lower stress and increase vitality for balance in spirit, mind, and body.

Explore altered states

EntheoWheel: The Ceremony and Science of Psilocybin, either on campus or online, April 23–26: Explore the mushroom’s cultural context, and use breathwork, meditation, visualization, sound, movement, ritual, and ceremony to approximate an altered state that prepares you for your own exploration. (Note: no psychedelic substances will be used during this workshop.)

Yoga Nidra Retreat: Rest, Restore, and Rewrite Your Life, May 24–28: Release old patterns and habits with Yoga Nidra — guided meditation that brings you to a state between waking and sleeping, where you can release stored physical, emotional and mental tensions.

And as always, our two self-guided programs, A Time to Reflect and Rituals of Esalen, are open for registration on a rolling basis.

See you soon at Big Sur!