What's Happening at Esalen? Spring and Summer Workshops plus Modern Elder Academy Online
Esalen Team
May 10, 2021
Esalen News

This is a complete list of workshops and events that are currently open for registration. Check the Journal every other Monday to see the latest additions to the schedule!

The sun is shining, the whales are out along the coast, and it’s a great time to spend a few days at Esalen, soaking in the natural wonders while you explore the wonders within. A range of spring and summer workshops are open for enrollment:

And as always, the self-guided Rituals of Esalen program is open for registration on a rolling basis.

June also sees the launch of Modern Elder Academy’s 8-week online Transitions course on navigating profound life changes in middle age and beyond. You’ll be part of a small, Esalen-only cohort learning from home, doing one-on-one calls with other group members, and tapping into MEA’s pool of thought leaders. Learn more at the MEA site, and use the coupon code “Esalen” when you enroll to save 10%!

Hope to welcome you to Big Sur or see you online soon.


Esalen Team