Darnell Lamont Walker leading Rituals Writing Workshop
What's Happening at Esalen? New Workshops Offer Healing Through Wisdom, Chinese Medicine, and Nature


Open for registration! Here’s a complete list of workshops and events featuring the return of Deva Munay, Chungliang “Al” Huang, and Dorothy Charles; plus, an exploration of five elements, neuroscience, and the voice — embodied.

Check the Journal every other Monday to see the latest additions to the schedule.  

  • The Five Elements in Yoga and Chinese Medicine, October 4-8: Paula Wild and Jiling Lin lead this workshop that engages in practices to deeply connect students with the Five Elements within and around us. Students will explore their own relationship with these elements through nourishing daily yoga and movement practices, connection with nature, journaling, creative practices, improvisational vocalization, storytelling, and physical play. Catch Jiling Lin on Esalen Live! RSVP here.
  • The Embodied Voice, November 5-7: Brothers Thorald and Isaac Koren set a safe space for students to reclaim their power and connection to their bodies while grounding into the gravity of the whole body instrument. Create powerful sounds and experience what it feels like to be... and be fully alive. 
  • Wisdom Teachings for Agents of Change, November 12-14: Susan Collin Marks and John Marks invite students to redeem their wisest selves to help redeem a world turned upside down by the excesses of inequality, climate change, and political hostility. They will teach you how to dive deeply to meet and listen to your inner wisdom, then, you’ll explore tools to act on it. Students will (re)discover what they are here to do, right now, at this time of unprecedented turbulence and transformation. 
  • Creative Tai Ji Experience: Change-Transformation-Metamorphosis, November 22-26: Chungliang Al Huang has more than 50 consecutive years of teaching experience at Esalen since its founding. Master Huang will share his unique ways of imparting Tai Ji experience to all levels of practitioners. He playfully reinvents Tai Ji forms with ancient Tai Ji rituals, Five Moving Forces of Nature, and traditional Tai Ji motifs. Students will explore, improvise, and evolve to find renewal and refreshed ways to dance the open structures of this ancient wonder of movement meditation. Get a sneak peek during his Esalen Live! Interview, Five Moving Forces.
  • Relational Gestalt Practice: Open Seat Intensive, November 26-December 3: Dororthy Charles uses the Gestalt approach to help students learn the skills to improve their ability to make contact, develop and track awareness of their emotions and sensations, learn to express, and practice communicating needs and wants effectively. The workshop will include time for Gestalt awareness practices and a mixture of didactic and experiential exercises. Each participant will have an individual “open seat” session with Dorothy, with the support of the group. Charles shared more in a recent Esalen Spotlight - Relational Gestalt.
  • The Essential Qi-Gong Exercises of China, November 26-28: Chungliang Al Huang will teach China’s most essential qi-gong exercises for anyone who wishes to sustain a daily practice for personal mind-body-spirit well-being. He will teach easy-to-absorb, adaptive exercises of this ancient qi-gong practice and assist you through metaphors, visualization, sonic chanting meditation and deep circular breathing methods. During this fun, joyful experience for all ages and levels of practitioners, students will take in this healthy habit for good: “Wei Wu Wei”— doing by not doing, spontaneously. Beginners and “advanced beginners” are welcome.
  • Connection & Compassion: A 5Rhythms® & Mindfulness Workshop, December 6-10: Lucia Horan leads this exploration of how the body has been shaped by our emotions, tracking when the heart is open and when it is closed. Through the embodiment of the 5Rhythms practice, students will be shown skills and techniques to take home and apply in their daily lives. This workshop is designed for everyone, of every age and shape. The workshop integrates the stillness of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with the moving meditations of the 5Rhythms®. Hear more from Lucia on Voices of Esalen Podcast: 5 Rhythms of the Pandemic on SoundCloud.
  • The Embodied Life™: Presencing and Re-Visioning, December 10-12: Russell Delman and Linda Evans Delman teach that the embodied life is an integrated path of insight and awakening. Their workshop will show students how connecting present moment awareness with their intentions and dreams for the future creates a truthful and meaningful life. Through specific practices, students will learn to integrate: mindfulness, heart-fullness, body-fullness, and spatial awareness.

There’s still time to plan your trip to Big Sur. The following workshops are still open for enrollment. 


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