Darnell Lamont Walker leading Rituals Writing Workshop
What's Happening at Esalen? Nature Altars to Heal Grief, Spirit Dive, and a Gratitude Retreat

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  • Being with Your Heart: Enneagram and Inner Work, October 25-29, Russ Hudson & Deborah Rose Longo lead this retreat focused on restoring the centrality of spiritual practice and psychological rigor to Enneagram work. It will also emphasize the foundational role of the Heart Center, exploring areas such as self-images, narcissism, and defense mechanisms. Learn Essential Qualities and ego-related issues of the Two, Three, and Four Enneagram types in much greater depth and what it means to live and work from the deeper capacities of the heart. Read more from Russ Hudson: What Are Your True Gifts? in our Journal.
  • Grief Into Beauty: Creating Nature Altars to Transform and Heal from This Year, October 29-31, Internationally renowned author and artist Day Schildkret of Morning Altars will teach students how to use nature, art, and ritual to transform, heal, and make meaning from this chaotic time. Nature will be the collaborator in accessing creativity and time-tested ways to practice mindfulness, and cultivate a place-based resilience in the face of change. Learn more from Schildkret on Esalen Live! RSVP here.
  • Spirit Dive: Music, Movement and Meditation, November 12-15, East Forest and Radha Weppner, East Forest and Marisa Radha Weppner and teach students how to navigate their soul path. In this transformational workshop, East and Marisa will use live musical performance, group ceremony, sound meditation, co-creative music experiences, embodiment practices, and the primacy of each individual’s heart-opening — felt experience — to find a way through to the next iteration of themselves. East Forest makes a guest appearance on Esalen Live! October 12, 2021. RSVP here.
  • Gratitude Retreat, November 19-21, Janet Stone invites students to come together in the community to remember that we are enough as they are. Through yoga, meditation, reflection, cliffside baths, and walking on Esalen’s healing land will return to their hearts. Stone spoke recently about resilience and yoga on Esalen Live! Watch her interview here

There’s still time to plan your trip to Big Sur.  The following workshops are still open for enrollment. 


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