What's Happening at Esalen? 3 New Workshops for Late Summer (Plus One for Fall!)
Esalen Team
July 5, 2021
Esalen News

This is a complete list of workshops and events that are currently open for registration. Check the Journal every other Monday to see the latest additions to the schedule!

We’re pleased to announce a new slate of upcoming workshops heading to Esalen this July, August, and October! Choose from four new workshops designed to help you navigate our changing times.

  • Evolutionary Embodiment: Living Inspired, Aligned, and Empowered, August 20–22: Interested in learning how to better navigate stressful times, battle burnout, and boost vitality? Unlock your most powerful gifts by creating ‘peak experiences’ through movement, breath, and sound. With The Vitalist Institute’s Jeffrey Williams and Swirl Jordan Moore.
  • Role Mate to Soul Mate: The Art and Discipline of Love, October 1–3: Join thought leader and prolific author Warren Farrell for a workshop designed to help couples communicate more effectively and connect more profoundly via a series of exercises designed to deepen your love. (Note: For this course, a couple could be any two people with a history who desire a better future.)

As always, our self-guided program, Rituals of Esalen, is open for registration on a rolling basis, and the following summer workshops are also still open for enrollment:

 We hope to welcome you to Big Sur or see you online soon.

(And if you’ve always wanted to visit Esalen but haven’t been able to find the room in your budget: did you know about our scholarship program? Because money should never be a barrier to growth.)


Esalen Team