Curating Esalen’s Spring Boxes with Heather Martin
Heather Martin
March 31, 2021
Esalen News

Earlier in 2021, we began offering limited edition Seasonal Boxes in the Esalen shop — specially chosen items to help you bring a little Esalen into your daily life. As a buyer, finding and putting together the perfect collection is a joy — like a chef with a recipe, I combine ingredients to make one delightful final product.  

Often I’m asked, “how do you choose the items?” There is no defined method; I’ve learned over the years to trust myself and what is channeling through me. This is bigger than me and at the root, my mission is to bring love into a space through beauty. Esalen is a spiritually full, physically magnificent place and I want everyone to feel the land’s nourishing beauty when they open an Esalen box. And when we nurture ourselves with beauty, care, and love, we can then give back to others in our community, our homes, our animals, and our lands.

Winter has come and gone, and now there are three specific Spring-centered intention boxes. As I gathered each piece I sought inspiration from Esalen and what it means to be in the space. There are guests back on the Big Sur land, the air feels open and possibilities large. The gardens are blooming, reopening brings both literal and metaphorical cleansing, and people are once again present.

The Spring Bloom Box

The Spring Bloom Box promotes growth and transformation. Blooming is about awakening and bringing ourselves forth with new perspective. Our farm and garden flourishes in the Spring, there are so many incredible colors, textures and differences in light. The box includes a mini pyramid water prism to allow flow, The Illustrated Herbiary book to invite new rituals, blue violet body lotion for hydration, white tea soap to awaken, and a reusable tote for supporting our earth. Quite simply, it’s a new way to bloom and offer our best selves.

The Spring Cleanse Box

Our Spring Cleanse Box offers tools for clearing and elevating. Make space for newness by leaving behind our old stories, patterns, and beliefs! I curated this box to help clear out both mind and body. You’ll find sacred white sage to banish negativity, coastal pine essential oil to refresh, a root chakra mini meditation bowl to stabilize, clear quartz/tourmaline crystal for cleansing and protection, and a copy of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion to free your mind of toxic thoughts.

The Spring Presence Box

Lastly, the Spring Presence Box reminds us to stay in the moment. It can be a challenge to stay present and avoid jumping into the past or future; this box gives to our souls by way of intention and action. Included is an Esalen journal and pen to connect with your thoughts, The Good Tarot card deck to promote positive daily affirmations, a salt scrub for peaceful calm, and a Big Sur jade candle with the scent of forest trees for purity of heart intentions.

Every piece in every box reflects and represents love and gratitude for all of you. Enjoy Spring at Esalen in your own home!

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