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Wallace J. Nichols

Wallace J. Nichols

Wallace J. Nichols, MEM, PhD,
is an innovative, silo-busting, entrepreneurial scientist, movement maker, renowned marine biologist, voracious Earth and idea explorer, wild water advocate, best-selling author of Blue Mind, sought after lecturer, and fun-loving dad. He also likes turtles (a lot).

The Blue Mind Summit

Jun 28 - 30, 2019 Begins in 6 months
with Wallace J. Nichols, Daniel Siegel & Shauna Shapiro

Water covers more than 70% of our planet, makes up a similar percentage of our brains and bodies, and is the basis of all life. But the true cognitive, emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual health benefits of water are only now being fully comprehended and embraced. Blue Mind, the best-selling book by Wallace J. Nichols, ignited a movement of blue mindfulness, a state of consciousness that explores the interrelationship of humans and water, and creates a new water story that bridges science, ancient wisdom, and real-world solutions to the challenges of our time.



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