Join us for music and connection this September with Harmonize: Kirtan and the Yoga of Devotion.


Tony Khalife

Tony Khalife

Tony Khalife is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, percussionist, yogi, teacher, Vedic scholar and priest, and messenger of love and peace. He has been performing and teaching for more than 30 years, blending a lifelong search for musical truth into all forms of world music.

Dance of Oneness®: Ecstatic Gratitude

Nov 24 - 29, 2019 Begins in 3 months
with Banafsheh Sayyad & Tony Khalife

The whole universe is love’s endless dance. — Kabir

Please read slowly and as you read, come in touch with something you are grateful for…allow the feeling of gratitude to expand into every cell inside of you until you feel your wings.

The energy of gratitude is both enlivening and soothing. Let this energy open you to the grace that can live in you and channel through you for the benefit of all. Gratitude and grace stem from the Latin gratus. To be graceful, you need to be grateful. Like attracts like so the more grateful you are, the more graceful you become.



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