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Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher

Susan Fisher, MA, MBA,
is the co-founder, teacher, guide, and speaker of 9 Energies. Since 2012, Susan has worked with thousands of people to identify and deepen the access to each person’s unique activation center. Susan is the author of 9 Energies - Practices for Presence.

Learn How Your Body Informs You

Jan 25 - 27, 2019 Begins in 1 month
with Susan Fisher & Martin Fisher

Your natural, energetic signature is embedded in your body from birth and shapes your strengths, gifts, abilities, and how you relate to others. The 9 Energies system, co-founded by Susan and Martin Fisher, asserts that there are nine different physiologies active in humanity. Using your physical presence — body shape, eye quality, face shape, muscular tone, movement, several other attributes, and a simple physical evaluative process, we can distinguish which one of the nine different physiologies is active in your body.

In this workshop, you can discover the following:



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