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Robert Walter

Robert Walter

Robert Walter,
Joseph Campbell's editor for a decade, is president of the Joseph Campbell Foundation and a poet/playwright with several decades of experience as group leader, teacher, publisher, and theatrical producer/director/designer.

Revisioning Your Hero’s Journey®: A Mythological Toolbox (25th ed., revised)

Mar 25 - 30, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Robert Walter

For years, Joseph Campbell celebrated his birthday (March 26th) at Esalen. Explaining why, he’d recount Carl Jung’s wondering, “What myth am I living by?” and realizing he didn’t know, Campbell wrote, “I took it upon myself to get to know ‘my’ myth, and I regarded this as the task of tasks…That’s what a birthday is for and what Esalen is about.” In 1988, five months after Campbell’s death, his friends again gathered at Esalen for “Campbell Week” — a tradition that’s morphed into this annual “playshop.” Who were you? What’s inspired your biographical saga?



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