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Noël Vietor

Noël Vietor

Noël Vietor
is co-founder of Wildtender. Noël is dedicated to helping people build meaningful relationship with self, earth, and community. Having found healing and belonging while hiking the Big Sur wild, Noël is honored to create this opportunity for others through Wildtender’s immersive wilderness programs.

Wild Tao: Hiking and Qi Gong in Big Sur Wilderness

Sep 29 - Oct 04, 2019 Begins in 1 month
with Fletcher Tucker, Noël Vietor & Jim Gallas

In search of balance, the ancient sages of China walked into the woods to attune themselves with nature in its sublime integrity. The timeless wisdom uncovered in their wild wanderings was called simply Tao, “The Way.” Qi gong — the practice at the heart of Taoism — is dedicated to harmonizing body, mind and spirit with the elements of nature. In this age when so many of us feel disconnected and overwhelmed, wilderness remains a powerful healer and teacher, and qi gong can bring us back to center.



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