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Nina Simons

Nina Simons

Nina Simons
co-founder of Bioneers, is a social entrepreneur, author, activist, storyteller, and facilitator of transformative gatherings. Her purposes and passions include regenerative leadership, women’s leadership, indigenous wisdom and social practices, and healing relationships with ourselves, nature, and one another other. Nina speaks and teaches internationally, and is a recent winner of the Goi Peace Award.

Leading from the Heart: Integrating our Whole Selves for More Joyful, Sustainable Leadership

Mar 04 - 09, 2018 Begins in 1 week
with Nina Simons

“In this transformative time, we are all called to be leaders, each in our own ways,” says Nina Simons, co-founder of Bioneers and author of Moonrise: The Power of Women Leading from the Heart. Instead of accessing all of our human capacities, often our social conditioning, self-limiting stories and habitual responses to stressful events pull us off balance. How might we cultivate ourselves inwardly to better center ourselves and show up effectively in times of change? How can we amplify the wisdom of our bodies, hearts, and intuition to better support our intentions?


Leading with Relational Mindfulness: Regenerating Ourselves and the World

Sep 02 - 07, 2018 Begins in 6 months
with Nina Simons & Deborah Eden Tull

In this time of so much change, we are all called to be leaders. Join us to practice a kinder, more inclusive and aware embodiment of leadership for your life and work. What if attunement, relational awareness, and deep listening are a leader’s most essential qualities for today’s world? This is an opportunity to practice leading from our whole selves while honoring a commitment to personal sustainability and accountability, and acknowledging the necessity for cultivating our own well-being while advancing the life-enhancing changes the world is calling for.



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