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Lena Axelsson

Lena Axelsson

Lena Axelsson, PsyD,
is a psychotherapist, trainer, and supervisor specializing in the treatment of trauma in private practice and public health/social service settings. Focusing on the relational dynamics of healing and empowerment, she draws on the neuroscientific and somatic basis of contemporary Gestalt-based trauma and recovery work. She coauthored (with Gordon Wheeler) the book Gestalt Therapy.

Relational Gestalt: Finding Connection, Expansion and Joy in Our Lives

May 13 - 18, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Lena Axelsson

“We may not know the moment we stopped feeling connected, or exactly when our day-to-day experience lost the richness, texture, and vivid color that come with a life of meaning and purpose,” says Lena Axelsson. “All we know is we feel numb, and while we know we yearn for something more, we have no idea of how to reach it. Stepping out of our own stuck-ness means taking an honest look at the many ways we organize our everyday experiences. Often, the ways we coped and faced the world growing up — the very things that once helped us survive — now are a source of pain.



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