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Lee Lesser

Lee Lesser

Lee Klinger Lesser
led Sensory Awareness workshops with Charlotte Selver. She has taught workshops in English and Spanish for almost 40 years. She also leads diversity and equity trainings, and has been developing a program to support returning veterans through sharing mindfulness and meditation practices.

Meeting What Matters Most: Mindfulness, Sensory Awareness and Zen Practice

Dec 01 - 03, 2017 Begins in 3 months
with Lee Lesser & Marc Lesser

“In our world of busyness – of more, faster, better – this retreat offers time to stop, reflect, and renew. It is a time to step fully into the richness of our lives,” say the leaders. “Together we will follow a gentle schedule of exploration and sitting meditation interspersed with talks and discussions from the wisdom of Sensory Awareness and Zen teaching, as we uncover how these stories and dialogues may be utilized to meet what matters most in our relationships, our work, and our everyday lives.



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