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Kerri Kelly

Kerri Kelly
is the founder of CTZNWELL, a movement to mobilize the well-being community into a powerful force for change. Her work was sparked on 9/11, when she lost her fireman step-dad in the towers. She discovered the power of mindfulness, not just as a tool for personal healing, but as a catalyst for collective change. She has been teaching yoga since 2004.

Radical Healing: Bridging Personal Transformation and Social Change

Sep 21 - 23, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Kerri Kelly

These times are calling us to wage truth on all fronts: personal, social, and political. There is a call to speak out, reclaim our power, and fight for love and justice. Right now is a time for truth telling, reconciliation, and transformation from the inside out, and we can start with a radical yoga practice.



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