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Elissa Epel

Elissa Epel

Elissa Epel, PhD,
is a professor at UCSF, author of New York Times bestseller, The Telomere Effect, and president-elect of the Academy of Behavioral Medicine Research. She is an expert on stress and contemplative practices, including mindful eating for optimal metabolic balance.

The Self-Care Vow: Embodying Resilience and Renewal Every Day

Dec 22 - 27, 2019 Begins in 3 months
with Michael Sapiro & Elissa Epel

This dynamic and interactive workshop integrates the latest research on stress resilience, meditation and heart-centered practices to help participants commit to their own lasting well-being. Developing stronger skills for stress resilience can enhance emotional and physical health, and slow biological aging. Bolstering stress resilience is especially critical to those in demanding professions, such as health care providers, or those caregiving and parenting.



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