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Dustin DiPerna

Dustin DiPerna

Dustin DiPerna
is a Harvard-trained scholar of world religions. He studies in the Tibetan meditation lineages of Mahamudra and Dzogchen with Daniel P. Brown. Through writing, teaching, coaching, and entrepreneurship, Dustin helps people find happier and more fulfilling ways of being in the world. His books include Streams of Wisdom, Evolution's Ally, and Earth is Eden.

Consciousness Hacking: Meditation + Technology

Jul 06 - 08, 2018 Begins in 2 weeks
with Mikey Siegel & Dustin DiPerna

Participate in the emerging intersection of ancient wisdom, neuroscience, and modern technology. Join emerging leaders Mikey Siegel and Dustin DiPerna for a technology-augmented meditation retreat. With Big Sur and the healing waters of Esalen as a powerful backdrop, the workshop will combine guided meditative instruction with cutting-edge technology to catalyze a profound shift into group synchronization. Ancient practices and teachings from the world’s wisdom traditions can usher in direct insight into the inherent oneness of life.


Entering the Temple: Blending Non-dual Awareness with Everyday Experience

Dec 07 - 09, 2018 Begins in 5 months
with Dustin DiPerna

In this weekend meditation workshop, discover how simple and direct instruction can reveal a temple of unconditional love right here in the midst of everyday experience. With guidance from the next generation of meditation leadership, learn the basics of tranquility meditation and how to settle your mind. Learn how to open your heart to boundless expressions of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity. Discover the grandeur of the great temple of reality that reveals itself as unbounded non-dual awareness. This workshop is open to beginning and advanced practitioners alike.



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