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Deborah Eden Tull

Deborah Eden Tull

Deborah Eden Tull,
founder of Mindful Living Revolution, is a Zen meditation and mindfulness teacher, author, activist, and sustainability consultant who teaches the integration of compassionate awareness into every aspect of our lives. Her latest book is Relational Mindfulness: A Handbook for Deepening Our Connection with Ourselves, Each Other, and the Planet.

Leading with Relational Mindfulness: Regenerating Ourselves and the World

Jul 28 - Aug 02, 2019 Begins in 3 months
with Deborah Eden Tull & Nina Simons

In this time of so much change, we are all called to be leaders. Join us to practice a kinder, more inclusive and aware embodiment of leadership for your life and work. What if attunement, relational awareness and deep listening are a leader’s most essential qualities for today’s world? This is an opportunity to practice leading from our whole selves while honoring a commitment to personal sustainability and accountability, and acknowledging the necessity for cultivating our own well-being while advancing the life-enhancing changes the world is calling for.


Awake in the New Year: Setting Conscious Intentions for Our Lives in 2020

Dec 27 - Jan 03, 2020 Begins in 8 months
with Deborah Eden Tull

The New Year is a powerful threshold. It is an opportunity to listen deeply, reflect, restore and create anew. Yet we often make resolutions that perpetuate the myth of self-improvement, while doing nothing to empower our heart's intentions, thereby setting us up for disappointment.

This seven-day retreat invites you on a powerfully restorative journey to exchange striving for compassion through compassionate awareness, meditation and relational mindfulness, conscious movement, writing, deep time in nature, guided imagery and ritual.



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