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Deb Norton

Deb Norton

Deb Norton
is an author, story consultant and writing coach. Her book, Part Wild: A Writers Guide to Harnessing the Creative Power of Resistance, helps writers and artists overcome obstacles to finish their most important work.

Engaging the Feminine Heroic: A Mythic Journey of Creative Discovery for Women

Jul 07 - 12, 2019 Begins in 1 month
with Dara Marks & Deb Norton

The Feminine Heroic can be difficult to recognize, much less access, because our culture is so grounded in the masculine heroic ideal. But it’s time to tell her side of the story! Whereas the essential goal of the hero's journey is to discover, defend and establish our Self in the world, the great achievement of the feminine quest is communion, connection and relatedness to our own inner life and to the Other.



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