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Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Anna-Lisa Adelberg

Anna-Lisa Adelberg
is a recognized healer, spiritual teacher, and co-founder of the Luminous Awareness Institute that offers students an awakening and healing path synthesized from Tibetan Buddhism, developmental psychology, neurophysiology, and subtle energy.

Always Home: Support for Living an Awakened Life

Jan 20 - 25, 2019 Begins in 1 month
with Loch Kelly & Anna-Lisa Adelberg

What would the world be like if more of us discovered how to live an awakened life? Loch Kelly and Anna-Lisa Adelberg have integrated wisdom practices, neuroscience, and psychological research to support awakening as the next natural stage of human development. This retreat is for those who have benefitted from mindfulness meditation, yoga, psychotherapy, service to others, or have had a non-dual, transcendent awakening but feel like they “get it and lose it” and are asking "What’s next?".



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