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Voices of Esalen: Spring 2018

Bob Walter on the Life and Work of Joseph Campbell

Bob Walter is the executive director and board president of the Joseph Campbell foundation. Walter was Joseph Campbell’s editor for the last ten years of his life and the editorial director of "The Historical Atlas of World Mythology." Following Campbell’s death in 1987, he served as literary executor of Campbell’s estate, and continues to oversee the publication of Joseph Campbell’s writings. In this episode, Walter talks about the work and the life of Campbell, a central figure in Esalen’s history, as well as the human potential movement. Bonus: this episode contains some original Joseph Campbell clips taken from a speech he gave at the Esalen institute, on October 12th, 1967, entitled, “Freud, Jung, and Kundalini Yoga.” Enjoy.

Listen or download the mp3. Released May 18th, 2018. Length: 51:14.

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Jean Houston on Quantum Theory and Concurrent Realities

Jean Houston is an interdisciplinary thinker and author, known for her ability to weave together history, culture, spirituality, and science. Dr. Houston is the author of 26 books and has worked in over 100 countries. She recently came to Esalen to teach about quantum theory and concurrent realities, and in this episode of Voices of Esalen she talks with host Sam Stern about her relationships with Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell, Alduous Huxley, Eleanor Roosevelt, Deepak Chopra, and Hilary Clinton, among other fascinating topics.

Listen or download the mp3. Released May 4th, 2018. Length: 40:42.

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Ben Tauber on Life, Work, and Endless Curiosity

Ben Tauber is a former member of Esalen's Board of Trustees and former Executive Director. During this conversation that took place during Ben's tenure as Executive Director, he and Voices of Esalen host Sam Stern spoke about Ben's youth and teenage years, the nature of the company he created and made successful before joining Esalen, his creative relationship with Esalen's co-founder, Michael Murphy, how he battled cancer and emerged victorious, what it was like to come to the helm at Esalen in the midst of a natural disaster, and much more.

Listen or download the mp3. Released April 26th, 2018, updated November 21st, 2018. Length: 49:44.

Steven Harper on Wilderness in Big Sur and at the Esalen Institute

Steven Harper is a wilderness guide, author, artist, and longtime teacher at the Esalen Institute. He focuses on wild nature as a vehicle for awakening; his work is inspired by a deep connection to inner wild nature. Steven is a contributor to the emerging field of ecopsychology, and has written at length on the subject. He was also a longtime student and close friend of Esalen co-founder Dick Price, and in our conversation, he speaks about his history with Dick, Esalen in the 1980’s, what it was like to raise a family in Big Sur, and how he continues to connect to wild spirit.

Listen or download the mp3. Released March 20th, 2018. Length: 1:13:20.

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Dorothy Charles on the History of Gestalt at Esalen

Dorothy Charles writes, "The practice of being present is simple and not easy. We call it a practice because that’s what it takes – returning to the moment whenever I notice that I’m not present." Dorothy is a long-time and beloved teacher and Gestalt Practitioner at Esalen since 1985, where she continues to lead workshops and training groups. Dorothy received her training at Esalen with Richard and Christine Price. She lives in Aptos, California, where she and Christine Price lead and curate Tribal Ground, an educational and congregational organization dedicated to Gestalt Awareness Practice, Relational Gestalt Practice, and recognizing the sacredness in both life and death.

Listen or download the mp3. Released February 13th, 2018. Length: 51:35.

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Kristin Neff on the Power of Self-Compassion

Dr. Kristin Neff writes, "Self-compassion involves acting the same way towards yourself when you are having a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself. Instead of just ignoring your pain with a 'stiff upper lip' mentality, you stop to tell yourself 'this is really difficult right now,' how can I comfort and care for myself in this moment?" In this conversation, Kristin describes the difference between self-esteem and self-compassion, describes the scientific research she has been conducting in self-compassion, and gives us a few simple, actionable techniques to help direct compassion toward ourselves.

Listen or download the mp3. Released January 19th, 2018. Length: 30:56.

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