Esalen Emergency Closure Relief Fund

 Esalen to reopen July 28. Support us during our closure with our Emergency Closure Relief Fund.


Supporting Gazebo School Park

Since 1977, Esalen has supported the progressive educational initiative that is Gazebo School Park. We offer, in the earliest, most formative years, a foundation for children’s development that can carry them into their lives as resilient, creative, and caring human beings.

As the only early childhood program in Big Sur for infants and toddlers, Gazebo offers a service to the community that has supported our local families and businesses. On-site childcare at Esalen has defined our community in many ways—creating a culture of growth where families are supported, children are welcomed and respected, and joy and wonder reside.

Gazebo is a model program for outdoor education, play-based curriculum, mindfulness, Gestalt, and emotional literacy. Our internship program draws individuals from all over the world—we have shared our philosophy and practices with residents of Japan, Colombia, The Republic of Georgia, Egypt, and Australia. We are humbled and inspired by the way Gazebo has impacted their lives and work with children, and are honored to see Gazebo seeds being planted around the globe.

Giving to Gazebo School Park

Your gifts to Gazebo ensure that our program continues to thrive. Giving to our scholarship fund has a direct impact on the families we are able to serve, and all donations support the ongoing growth and enrichment of our program.

We are so grateful for the Esalen community members who donate 1% of their Esalen pay to the Gazebo School Park and to the members of the local Big Sur community who also donate their time and money to support our mission.

There are many ways to share your support:

Monetary gifts are tax-deductible through Esalen Institute, and by donating using the form below, 100% of your contribution will go toward supporting the Gazebo School Park. (Please note that of gifts greater than $1,000, 15% will be given to the Friends of Esalen Fund).

We also welcome the gift of volunteering, as well as donations-in-kind that will enhance our Park and program.

Please contact with any questions about our program or how you can support Gazebo. Thank you for your generosity and support!



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