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Strategic Initiatives

These are the five key initiatives Esalen is embarking upon in 2012 and beyond. By implementing this strategic plan, Esalen can continue to be a place of questioning, innovation, and continuous improvement.

1. Vitalize Esalen as a Conscious, Learning Organization

At Esalen we aspire to exemplify a conscious and sustainable organization committed to continual learning and our own evolution. We are grounded in holistic principles that achieve emotional, relational, spiritual, and whole systems intelligence as well as fiscal responsibility.  Esalen will be counted among the ranks of high performance conscious businesses while continuing to be a place for self-study, innovation, and improvement and to embody, as an organization, the very qualities that people seek to develop in themselves by coming here. A few examples currently underway are:

  • Implementation of Esalen’s Sustainability Action Guide
  • Cultivation of conscious leadership talent at all levels
  • Development of cross-functional teams (teams of leaders and leaders of teams)

2. Increase Organizational Relevance and Mission Impact

Esalen grew out of a belief in the power of individual human potential and personal transformation as key to manifest a more just, creative, and sustainable world. Today, Esalen aims to catalyze our society’s collective renewal and global consciousness by:

  • Recruiting new teachers and evolutionary leaders to infuse our public programming and residential education with leading edge concepts
  • Increasing Center for Theory & Research gatherings and public engagement by diversifying content and broadening its dissemination via the Esalen web site
  • Creating a network of advisory experts in Esalen’s legacy areas (i.e., citizen diplomacy and relational psychology) and burgeoning areas such as sustainability and conscious business. Members of these councils will function as ambassadors in their communities and serve as connectors for Esalen to emerging ideas and partnership organizations. 

3. Renew Esalen’s Commitment to Land Stewardship

At Esalen, the power and magic of the land combined with our simple accommodations have been central to Esalen’s appeal as a place of pilgrimage. However, our infrastructure is deteriorating and, from a conservation standpoint, increasingly inefficient. To align with our sustainability goals and improve accommodations for all seminarians and residential staff, Esalen will work with world-class architects and environmental experts to:

  • Rebuild and refurbish the entire campus as part of a long-term sustainable redevelopment plan

4.  Create a Compelling Communications Strategy

To achieve Esalen’s mission, we must engage with our constituents on the world stage–reclaiming and reinvigorating our role as a thought leader while reaching a larger and more diverse audience.

  • The cornerstone of our efforts is our website which will serve as a platform for co-creating a global Esalen community

5. Expand Access for Youth & Diversity

A half-century ago, Esalen’s founding was born of an exuberant youth movement and became a model for human potential and intergenerational learning around the world. It is this intergenerational synergy that holds one of the keys to Esalen’s future success and relevance in the world. Esalen will achieve this through:

  • Youth Leadership Work Scholar Month (designed for obtaining university credit)
  • Youth Oriented and Intergenerational Workshops & Conferences
  • Internet-based communication and outreach
  • Diversity & Youth Scholarships
Esalen Strategic Initiatives for 2013 and Beyond


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