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Special Workshops

Singing Gestalt with Nancy Lunney Wheeler

In Singing Gestalt we use songs – particularly lyrics – as a way of communicating, a way to experience a new connection to ourselves and to others. If the idea of getting up and singing in front of other people terrifies you, if you love to sing in front of other people and want to stretch yourself further, or if you’ve been too shy to try, this session is for you. Nancy has been teaching Singing Gestalt at Esalen and elsewhere for decades.


Modern Elders: The Value of Curiosity at Any Age with Chip Conley

Chip Conley spent most of his career as the young entrepreneur filled with all the answers. Today, he's a modern elder filled with questions. Asked by the founders of Airbnb to help evolve their tech start-up into a mainstream hospitality juggernaut, Chip has learned that being both a mentor and an intern is the best way to stay relevant after the age of 50. He'll share the value of curiosity and emotional intelligence for leaders of any age.

Chip was a "boy wonder" when he started Joie de Vivre Hotels at age 26 and grew it into the world's second largest boutique hotel company over two dozen years. Now, in his mid-50's, Chip has become a "modern elder" role as a leader of Airbnb, board member of Burning Man, and founder of Fest300 where he's often surrounded by colleagues half his age. The author of four successful books, Chip is preparing a new book on the intergenerational transfer of wisdom in an age when our elders will live 10 years longer and power is moving 10 years younger in an increasingly digital society. Chip ponders, "What can we learn from each other?"

Creating from the Inside Out with Dave Zaboski

Join former Disney animator, illustrator, and creativity master Dave Zaboski in this one of a kind drawing class designed to connect you more deeply to your own creative source. Located in the magnificent Art Barn, we will explore what making marks does to the human soul in an artistic ritual that goes back 3,000 years. No drawing experience necessary as we explore and narrow the gap between observer and the observed in pursuit of our own divine reflection.

A Body-Centered Approach to Two of Life's Essential Skills: Autonomy and Attachment with Terry Hunt

Personal boundaries are where I and you begin. They are not walls with gates to be guarded or opened. Instead, when I make contact with you at boundaries, I attempt to operate with both respect for you and self-respect. I then discover a spectrum of experiences from pleasure to frustration in our exchange. This workshop provides an experiential and theoretical framework to move in and out of any relationship with clarity and grace.


Authentically Happy Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Ira Israel

How does one actually be authentically happy, not just avoiding unhappiness by filling up life with distractions? In this all-level Vinyasa flow yoga class Ira will teach you one of the proven tools to keep you at the high end of your happiness spectrum and explain how and why yoga and meditation work to help combat negative self-talk, anxiety, and depression.


Meditation and Shakti: Opening to the Energy of Awareness with Sally Kempton

This experiential mini-workshop explores three guided approaches to meditation, and their significance. One opens the inner body. The second gives access to Awareness itself. The third allows you to work with a partner to deepen the experience of open-hearted connection and stillness. Together with Sally Kempton’s powerful transmission, it is designed to deepen your experience and delight in meditation. The guidance includes key pointing-out instructions for balancing the body, the mind, and the emotional resonance of practice.

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