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Seminar Spotlight - Bob Doppelt

From the climate emergency to the breakdown of the economy, it’s clear that the “all you can eat” era of humanity is over. Yet we can’t seem to change our ways. How can we update our own thinking and behaviors, and motivate other people, organizations, and society itself to address today’s interlinked ecological, social, and economic challenges? Bob Doppelt has been asking these 9 questions and exploring solutions for more than thirty-five years.

Doppelt’s interdisciplinary passions — ecology, counseling psychology, and Buddhism — focus on the same dynamics: the consequences of failing to account for interdependencies. He has strived to integrate the core truths of these fields throughout his life, beginning with his outdoor leadership experiences camping and mountaineering in the wild for months at a time. Since 1996 he has directed The Resource Innovation Group, a global climate change and sustainability education, research, and technical assistance organization now affiliated with the Center for Sustainable Communities at Willamette University, in Oregon.

He also teaches at the University of Oregon. Doppelt is a river outfitter, orchardist, activist, teacher, researcher, consultant, and author. His background leads him to conclude that only by changing our assumptions and beliefs can we resolve climate disruption and many of today’s other pressing problems. During Doppelt’s Esalen workshop, experience the unique synthesis of ideas and practices he presents as a way through these challenging times.

See From Me to We: The Change Required to Rescue the Planet and Your Life, March 8–10.


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