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Seminar Spotlight - Amy Weintraub

“I came to my first yoga teacher training in 1992 to deepen my own sadhana (sanskrit for spiritual practice). I left with a passion to share with others the practice that had literally saved my life and had slowly helped me live a life free of medication for depression.”

Amy Weintraub’s journey to become a pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health began with a very rough period in her life. After years of meditating and watching depression visit again and again, she began a daily yoga practice.

Now she offers professional trainings and workshops internationally, and is involved in ongoing research on the effects of yoga on mood. “The practice of yoga can help us stay connected with ourselves emotionally. It allows us to witness what is arising in the body-mind with less reactivity, so we are able to respond to life’s challenges without reacting to them.” Many of the ancient, evidence-based yoga practices Amy teaches do not require a yoga mat and are perfect for a clinical setting. “When we practice yoga, we feel more spacious within, and more connected to others. This is the antidote to the separation we feel when we’re depressed. It’s not surprising that we have this subjective experience of reconnecting with ourselves and with others, because that’s exactly what’s happening bio-chemically.”

See LifeForce Yoga® to Manage Your Mood, May 10–12.


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