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Recent & Current Sustainability Activities

Features and highlights of sustainable performance at Esalen (in areas such as food, energy, water, waste and transportation) can be found here.

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Other initiatives include:

  • Green Business Certification, Monterey County (April 2011)
  • Esalen's Long-Term Planning & Development Project (Ongoing)
  • Sustainability Action Plan (In Development)
  • Sustainability Leadership Team (Ongoing)

Programs and Workshops (Ongoing)

  • Eco-Literacy in Action (Monthly, Open to Public)
  • Permaculture Design; Farming; Social Entrepreneurship & Conscious Business
  • Speakers: Bill McKibben, Amory Lovins and many more.
  • Special Events: Earth Day,

Sustainability Tours for Guests and Visitors (Ongoing)
Partnerships and Engagement with Local and National Sustainability-Focused Organizations

Looking Ahead

Esalen Instiitute's Sustainability Office is in the early stages of developing a sustainability action plan that will lay out an achievable strategy based on opportunities identified and vetted by a cross-section of Esalen leaders and community members.

This Sustainability Action Plan will identify potential strategies to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases, as well as air, water, and soil pollution and toxins
  • Reduce resource impact
  • Increase environmental health and well-being for all members of the Esalen community
  • Increase sustainability awareness and education
  • Practice sustainability in how we fulfill our mission and operate
  • Be a leader of sustainable practices

Recommended strategies will focus on several key areas such as administration and sustainable business operations, education and community awareness, energy, facilities, food and agriculture, pollution, purchasing, transportation, waste, water, and land stewardship.


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