Healing Arts Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a massage?

An Esalen Massage® can only be booked online. Due to high demand for practitioners, we recommend that you book at least three weeks prior to your Esalen workshop date and/or requested date to visit.

How far in advance can I book a message?

We recommend making an online reservation a minimum of three and up to five weeks ahead of your Esalen workshop date and/or requested date to visit.

What is an Esalen Massage? 

Esalen Massage applies principles of mindfulness to bodywork, offering up a holistic body-mind spirit experience on the massage table. Through oil application with light to medium pressure and slow rhythmic strokes, the practitioner evokes awareness, a sensory “coming home.” The practitioner follows rather than leads, and adds deeper detail work to untangle stressed muscles, integrating each release into the surrounding tissue and the whole body.  Assisted movement or stretches can be applied to free up old holding patterns, and frequent pauses give time for assimilation, energetic re-balance and a sense of well-being, uniting self, others and the natural world.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

With at least seven days advance notice, and subject to availability, massage appointments may be rescheduled at no extra charge. Appointments may only be rescheduled through Please consult our cancellation policy for more details.

What kind of oils do you use?

We have a variety of oils that practitioners use throughout the session. Please notify if you have any allergies to oils, and inform your practitioner before your session begins.

Can I bring a friend to Esalen if I’ve booked a message?

If you reserved an Esalen Healing Arts Passport, the passport provides a reservation for you and only for you.

Can I tip my massage practitioner?

Tips can be given using cash or a credit card. You can leave a cash tip directly with the practitioner, with Guest Services in the bookstore, or at the gate when you checkout. Credit card tips can only be made in the bookstore with Guest Services. We do not have an ATM machine.

Where can I learn more about Esalen massage training?

Please visit®.

How can I reach Esalen Healing Arts by phone?

The best way to make reservations is online, but you can also reach us by phone at 831-667-3002. If you need to speak with a Healing Arts Supervisor, call 831-667-3036.


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