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Faculty Spotlight: Jordan Myska Allen and Sean Wilkinson

January - June 2019

How did you two come to be teaching together?

We found each other at a workshop in Austin, Texas — and instantly fell in love. It was like discovering a brother we never knew we had, and a total surprise how deeply aligned this young Texan and skinny British dude already were in so many nuanced perspectives.

You describe circling as an empowerment paradigm. Can you share more about what this means?

Empowerment paradigm means we genuinely hold you as responsible for your experience and your world. For example, you may come into our workshop expecting us to give you certain things — like a “safe container.” We will explore why you want this. We honor the intelligence of that habit of thinking, even as we show how it can grow, how you can find safety from within yourself, from your ability to be with discomfort and know when and how to set boundaries, rather than take on these external expectations.

What new practices, skills, or understandings do you hope participants will take home with them after your workshop?

We hope participants will know how to bring more empathy into their communication, and that they’ll be able to speak more honestly, with grace and attunement. We hope they’ll be able to stay more present during intense and uncomfortable situations and conversations, have a new sense of boundaries, and trust their intuition more.

What do you love most about teaching at Esalen?

There’s so much to love about Esalen! One of the greatest aspects is a cultural gravity toward rest and recharging. You can feel the nourishment in the air and energy as well as very concretely in the baths, in massage, in the high-quality natural food in abundance. It’s a real antidote to the speed and intensity and stress of the modern world; just the atmosphere of Esalen can put us back in touch with the timeless, effortless quality of simply BEING.

How would you describe Esalen in just one word?


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