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Faculty Spotlight

A Wondrous Legacy

At the heart of the Esalen experience are the brilliant teachers who have taught here through the decades, and who renew and reinvent Esalen’s place at the forefront of human consciousness.

One of Esalen’s most iconic moments came on the day in 1963 when humanist psychologist Abraham Maslow drove down the hill by chance, looking for a place to stay the night. At the time, Maslow was fermenting some renegade ideas about the human psyche, and he ended up staying on at Esalen to work on his groundbreaking Hierarchy of Needs. This was when Alan Watts lectured in the Lodge, and soon Fritz Perls set up a makeshift Esalen classroom to introduce ideas that would lead to Esalen’s unique branch of Gestalt practice. From Ida Rolf to Theodore Roszak, Joseph Campbell to Gabrielle Roth, Esalen faculty teach in a profound symbiosis with the place. The result? New body/mind disciplines, groundbreaking cultural shifts, and a place like no other—still perched at the leading edge of innovation.

Today, the legacy of these treasured teachers continues on in the quality of workshops and in the exceptional teachers who lead them, including . . .


January - June, 2019




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