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Extended Study Programs

Extended Study One Year Programs at Esalen

Esalen’s mission of leading personal and social transformation isn’t just something we do off property. It’s also something we foster within ourselves and in our very own organization. Quite simply, the healthier and more realized a mind/body/spirit/community we are, the better we can support those who come visit us, and the greater our own personal contribution to our lives and the world. 

Our long-term student programs are designed to change the world from the inside out by helping you grow, develop, and become more fully yourself. They provide you with the skills and awareness necessary to take your inner work out into the world and help others transform.

In an exquisite ripple effect, your time here IS our mission in helping you become a whole and vibrant global change agent.

Our Extended Study programs are designed to:

  1. Support the personal growth and development of our staff and students.
  2. Support the integration of learning into real-life change – both within Esalen and into a post-Esalen life.
  3. Create evaluations and feedback to improve our programs and support.
  4. Help contribute to a world where each of us is capable of the extraordinary.

We have rich and varied educational offerings to reach these goals designed and scheduled with our staff and  students in mind.

Residential Education Programs

Residential Study 

Work and study at Esalen for 28 days and immerse yourself in a chosen course of study.

Learn more about our Residential Study program.


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