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Extended Student Certificate Programs

The Esalen Extended Student program is a one-year program culminating in a self-chosen project. Acceptance into the Extended Student (ES) Program is based upon:

  • Successfully completing at least one work study month.
  • Completing an Extended Student application.
  • Successfully completing an Extended Student candidacy.
  • Successfully interviewing with the Residential Education (RezED) Department.
  • Support/endorsement from your work department and manager to work as part of their team.
  • Having authorization to work in the United States.

As an Extended Student, you will be expected to document/track and complete one of our certificate programs. In addition to independent and group study, you will work 28 hours per week in one of our departments to fulfill your requirements. The program culminates in an independent project, a self-chosen project meant to synthesize and integrate the learning from the year. 

We are currently offering year-long certificate programs in four different disciplines:

One Year Certificate Programs

1. Sustainability (CARES)
2. Integral Leadership
3. Manual Therapy/Somatic Studies
4. Personal Growth

Examples of past Extended Student projects include:

For more information, please email

Esalen Extended Student One Year Program at Esalen Institute


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