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Esalen Video Lending Library: Dance / Movement

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Category Speakers Title Date Minutes ID Lend
Dance/Movement Adams, Ernie Contact Improvisation Session at Esalen 3/16/1984 115 15
Dance/Movement Aparecida Spiritual Belly Dance,, w/Maria Lucia's W/S Group 3/13/1999 28 1146* T
Dance/Movement Aprecida Goddess Body Prayer 10/28/2000 36 1240* Y
Dance/Movement Aprecida Spiritual Belly Dance 10/24/1999 14 1180 T
Dance/Movement Ellen Watson s WorkScholar Group 5 Rhythms Theatre & Dance Night 6/28/2003 40 1401 T
Dance/Movement Fonda, Jane The New Workout 1/1/1985 90 296
Dance/Movement Fonda, Jane Workout Challenge 1/1/1984 90 295
Dance/Movement Halprin, Anna Circle the Earth: Dancing With Life On the Line 1/1/1989 40 342
Dance/Movement Halprin, Anna Dance of Life 11/5/2004 31 1501* T
Dance/Movement Halprin, Anna, et. al,. Performance in Huxley 8/5/1998 108 1136* T
Dance/Movement Ngo, Samba, etal Journey to the Congo: An Evening of African Dancing 10/12/1988 104 601
Dance/Movement Olaladay, Olatunji, Baba, et al. Children's Workshop 7/13/1994 50 938* T
Dance/Movement Olaladay, Olatunji, Baba, et al. Children's Workshop 7/14/1994 26 939* T
Dance/Movement Olatunji, Baba Dance Warmup with Ijalu, et al 7/11/1987 65 612
Dance/Movement Roszak, Kathryn, et al. Dance Presentation at the Amphitheater 10/29/1994 37 951 T
Dance/Movement Roth, Gabrielle Group and Individual Dancing 8/29/1985 120 783
Dance/Movement Roth, Gabrielle I Dance The Body Electric 1/7/1996 53 1030
Dance/Movement Roth, Gabrielle Lecture and Working with People 8/28/1985 103 782
Dance/Movement Roth, Gabrielle The Wave - Ecstatic Dance 1/7/1996 35 1029 T
Dance/Movement Roth, Gabrielle Theater Pieces and Individual Presentations 10/1/1977 87 781 T
Dance/Movement Strong, Rebecca Sophia Moving the Universe Story

11-16-2011 119 1822 T
Dance/Movement Watson Ellen WorkScholar Month Intensive & Silent Wave 5/20/2000 63 1238 T
Dance/Movement Watson, Ellen Morning Movement Class 1/26/2000 86 1238 T
Dance/Movement Watson, Ellen Stretch and Tone 3/27/1986 64 865
Dance/Movement Watson, Ellen WorkScholar Group Indiv. Movement & Wed Program 5/24/2000 116 1208 Y


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