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Esalen Program for Personal Growth

This year long program is designed for those individuals who would like personal growth and development without focusing on any one particular area of Esalen’s diverse offerings.

With a structure that borrows from Esalen’s council list (Esalen’s identified areas of strength) and the five bodies identified within Esalen’s Vision, Values, Mission, and Practices, the Program for Personal Growth allows for a perfect blend of freedom and structure. The idea is to acknowledge that personal growth is hard work/practice but also that all of our paths are unique.

Learners engaged in this program will be supported and encouraged to attend to all five bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, communal) and to integrate learning experiences into new ways of feeling, thinking, interacting, and being.

Program Requirements Hours
Gestalt-focus Coursework 60 hrs
Somatic-focus Coursework 30 hrs
Sustainability-focus Coursework 50 hrs
Creativity-focus Coursework 30 hrs
Leadership-focus Coursework 50 hrs
Student Advising Sessions* 5 hrs
Department Process 50 hrs
Community Meeting Attendance and Participation 15 hrs
Personal Growth Electives 60 hrs
Independent Project 50 hrs
Total Program Hours 400 hrs

• Student Advising: As part of your year-long program, you will also have quarterly sessions with an Educational Advisor who helps you establish, track, and complete your educational goals for the year.

One year program in Personal Growth at Esalen Institute


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