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Esalen Massage Practitioners

Below is a list of regularly available Esalen massage practitioners. Their specialties can be experienced in pure form or in combination. At times, special invited guest practitioners are available.

Esalen® Massage, well-known for its long flowing strokes over the whole body, helps release the stresses of everyday life, leaving the receiver feeling whole, integrated and deeply relaxed, in a natural state of well-being. Esalen practitioners are dedicated to connecting deeply with each client and can usually accommodate specific requests and preferences within the Esalen massage modality.

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Bodhi Kalayjian
Loving Kindness is the essence of Bodhicitta. I bring heart energy, through touch and presence, to transform hidden and overt obscurations of the body and mind. Using Esalen Massage, Deepbodywork, Lomi-Lomi and Craniosacral therapies as balancing elements of a session, I bring an exploratory, meditative and joyful attitude to the table.

Candice Isphording
I listen to the needs of your body with inquisitive hands, an open heart, and pure presence. Your breath and heartbeat, along with the rhythm of the ocean waves, guide me in a sacred dance of touch. With a blend of nurturing integrative long strokes and gentle stretching, you will more easily welcome slow therapeutic work. Through my touch, you have the opportunity to awaken to your breath and your own healing power, feeling more spacious, unified, relaxed, and expansive.

Char Pias
I’ve been a bodyworker at Esalen since 1980. Utilizing a wide range of skills and working with body/mind/spirit, I address your particular needs. I’ve been described as using “ a gentle strength.” My specialty is facilitating the release of energetic blocks and deep chronic tension. As a senior practitioner, my main focus is teaching; Esalen Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Komyo Reiki. I am also a Chopra Center Raja Yoga Teacher and a Tai Chi Easy Leader.

Chloe Spellman
During a massage session, my intention is to create a nurturing, relaxing, and therapeutic experience where people can become receptive to the healing energy within themselves. I have studied a variety of modalities including Esalen, Thai, Deep Tissue, Craniosacral, Prenatal, and Hendrickson Method orthopedic massage. I am also a certified yoga teacher. I believe the practice of both yoga and massage complement one another to help people find expanded presence and opening in their bodies.

Deborah Anne Medow
A practitioner at Esalen since the late 1960’s, I combine long lengthening strokes and slow more focused work, along with elements of Esalen® massage, soft tissue work, quiet chanting, Craniosacral work, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, and integrative bodywork. All are designed to balance the body energies, enabling the client to release chronic tension and stress patterns, restoring fluidity of movement, and allowing the body, mind, and spirit to feel free and rested in their natural harmonious state. A certified nutrition educator and yoga instructor, I am also available to teach private massage, nutrition education, and yoga lessons.

Elyse D’Angelo
I bring compassion, loving-kindness and nurturing presence to each session. With over twenty years of experience, I integrate long, connecting Esalen strokes and light, passive stretches with more focused detailed work to create space, and promote relaxation and release.

Jenny Pareno
As an avid tri-athlete, my love for peak performance is reflected in my work. I pay attention to chronic tension and pain, by providing a journey of relaxation and release, with smooth transitions from deeper body work to the flowing integrating long strokes, characteristic of a nurturing Esalen massage.

Kelly McKay
I give a nurturing massage, using flowing strokes and gentle stretches. I apply pressure in a sensitive way, creating a safe environment to release blocks within the body. My work intuitively encourages fuller breathing, allowing for deeper relaxation, restored vitality, and reduction of tension. Upon request, I also integrate Reiki and Craniosacral work.

Lindsay Scott
As a Holistic Health Practitioner from San Diego, California with experience in both medical and luxury spa settings, I bring a unique mixture of therapy and pampering to my massage. I use a combination of many different styles and techniques, including Esalen® Massage, Tui Na, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai, Biodynamic Craniosacral and Reflexology. The result is a relaxing and restorative treatment that also addresses specific issues or/or chronic pain. As a compassionate therapist, in each and every session, my goal is to understand your needs and help you achieve balance, by gently guiding change and reconnection of your mind, body, and spirit.

Malachi Stone
I am a student of the waves, an avid surfer. The flow of my bodywork matches the mesmerizing waves and flow of the ocean, contributing to the deeply relaxing, restful, and calming effects of your session with me. Incorporating Thai massage, Shiatsu, and deep bodywork into my Esalen massage allows me to work at the depth appropriate for you, helping you become more grounded and in touch with your own body.

Matt Lou
I bring over 20 years of bodywork experience to each session, along with skillful hands, careful perception, and a seamless flow. Utilizing techniques from various modalities including Sports Massage, Thai, Zen Shiatsu, Swedish, Esalen, and Reiki, we will venture into the more detailed work of multi-layered soft tissue release, stretching, joint mobilization, whole body energy balancing, and true relaxation. I especially like working with people who strive to take an active role in their own state of health.

Oliver R. Bailey
A massage practitioner and teacher of Esalen® massage for over 25 years, my massage incorporates a skillful blend of various types of bodywork, including elements of Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Acupressure, Craniosacral work, Reconnective Healing, and Esalen® massage. I can do deep massage, lighter energetic work, or somewhere in between. I enjoy working with chronic neck and low back problems, as well as working with those who want to relax, de-stress, and recharge.

Peggy Horan
My classic Esalen® massage is given in a field of comfort and support, using stretches and deep muscle work to bring healing and relaxation to the client. I have been practicing and teaching Esalen massage for four decades and have written a massage book, Connecting Through Touch, A Couples Massage Book.

Rachel Fann
As “a weaver,” I integrate classical Esalen massage with Thai massage, including gentle stretches, joint rotation, long strokes, and the more subtle elements of cranial sacral therapy. My work has been described as intuitive, loving and nourishing. I am also an artist, chef, and meditator. I believe these practices greatly enhance my ability to be present with my clients.

Rita Thangaraj
Since 1970, the pursuit of understanding the physical/emotional body has been my passion. There are many wonderful hands-on techniques that help release, balance, and enhance the comfort and health of our bodies. Although I have accomplished and taught many of these modalities since 1970, I feel the Classical Esalen Massage is the most beautifully integrative. So, I am here to create an Esalen massage experience that is personal to your needs in de-stressing from your active, and perhaps pressure-filled life. I look forward to doing this magical dance of touch with you.

Seema Christie
Now is the time to know that all that you do is sacred. – Hafiz
By touching gently with a nurturing style, what is called forth is relaxing and rejuvenating; a beauty is uncovered in each person I touch. I offer you a strong base in energetic healing, yoga, Esalen slow long strokes, gentle holding, and intuitive touch. I am trained in Therapeutic hatha yoga, Craniosacral, Reiki, Spiritual massage, and extensive study in Esalen massage. The intention in my hands is one of compassion, creating a sacred healing massage.

Tom Case
Using pressure points and the integrative Esalen style of massage, I work deeply into areas of tension, lengthening and opening. I balance this work with gentle nurturing strokes to promote relaxation, while including stretches and joint manipulation to promote greater mobility.

Topher (Christopher) Hatfield
Relax into my healing hands for a journey moving inward. Through rhythmic movement and releasing the deeper layers of fascia, I can lead you into a profound state of relaxation. In the year 2000, I began my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner in San Diego (IPSB college), specializing in Sensory Repatterning, Structural Integration, Shiatsu, and Trager work. As I continue to develop my practice, I feel honored to be in your presence.

Vicki Topp
My massage is supportive, nurturing, and a form of meditation. I work on multi-dimensional levels, integrating deep structural spiralic movements with a soft and sensitive use of pressure point, deep tissue work, and somatic balancing. I am a registered Movement Therapist, a practitioner of Body-Mind Centering, and a founding member of the Esalen Massage School.

Wesley Foreman
A practitioner for the past 8 years, I use long flowing strokes and Reiki energy work to calm & prepare you for the deeper pressure and detailed work that helps release tension from tight places in your body. I have been active in sports for much of my life, and when appropriate, I also enjoy incorporating elements of sports massage into your massage session. My massage is nurturing and deep; my goal is to help you relax and let go of the everyday stresses and tensions of life.

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