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Esalen Certificate in Manual Therapy and Somatic Studies

This program is designed for those who want to make a serious study of Massage and Bodywork with the possibility of practicing professionally later. Learners who successfully complete this course are eligible for a California State-approved Certificate of Completion in core coursework.

The Esalen Massage School and the Department of Education stand behind the quality of the training, and the emphasis is on responsive touch, empathetic communication, chi-centered body mechanics, body-mind-spirit as well as fundamental bodywork skills.

Course requirements include dedicated attendance and evaluations.

In addition to the core massage training, students will be expected to complete additional coursework in ethics, somatic studies, and advanced manual therapy techniques.

Students who have already completed a certificate course at Esalen (or certified through another course) may move on to additional and advanced coursework.

Program Certification Requirements Hours
ES Advisor Meetings 5 hrs
"Basic" Certification 150 hrs
30 Practice Bodies 45 hrs
Additional Esalen® Massage Training 26 hrs
Other Bodywork: Energy, Shiatsu, Rosen work, etc. 26 hrs
Systematic Movement: yoga, 5-Rhythms, Feldenkrais 20 hrs
Gestalt-related Coursework     26 hrs
Department Process 50 hrs
Ethics and Communication 26 hrs
Community Meeting Attendance and Participation 16 hrs
Electives 10 hrs
Total Hours for Certification 400 hrs



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