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Esalen Certificate in Leadership

This year-long professional certificate program prepares you for life skills in conscious, self-aware, and inspirational leadership. This diverse and exciting program offers insight and practices to develop the self-awareness necessary for dynamic external leadership from the inside out. Over the course of study, your ability to listen and communicate and willingness to embrace change and consider new possibilities will come alive.

Inherent in this program is the idea that leaders serve a cause larger than themselves. You take away a newfound willingness to “lean in,” a deeper sense of acceptance and self-awareness, a heightened empathy for ambiguity and nuance, a broader repertoire of “dots” to connect. Call this greater capacity to mobilize inner resources an expanded heart and mind, a reconnection to the better angels of your nature, or a discovery of your inner divinity — it’s the reason why the Esalen experience goes far beyond “self-help,” becoming a substantial ingredient in people who become a force for positive change in their relationships, their communities, and the world.

Over the course of its requirements, the Leadership Certificate Program has training in coaching, Gestalt practice, coaching from a Gestalt point of view, supervised facilitation training/practice, and culminates in an independent project which helps tie all the requirements together.

Program Certification Requirements Hours
Leadership Coursework 120 hrs
Gestalt-related Coursework (in addition to Department Process) 60 hrs
Somatic Studies 25 hrs
Sustainability Awareness 30 hrs
Student Advising 5 hrs
Department Process 50 hrs
Facilitation Training and Practice 30 hrs
Community Meeting Attendance and Participation 15 hrs
Personal Growth Electives 20 hrs
Independent Project 45 hrs
Total Hours for Certification 400 hrs

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