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Esalen CARES Certificate

At a time of enormous personal and economic stress, and when demagoguery seeks to exploit fears and insecurities, Esalen continues to fulfill a critical role: to explore and promote interconnectiveness, and point us to a more just, more sustainable, and more holistic society.

The Esalen CARES (Community, Action, Responsibility, Equity, and Sustainability) Certificate is a year-long professional certificate program that prepares you for sustainable community life, green careers, citizen diplomacy, and eco-activism. Learn the hard and soft skills necessary to transition your life, neighborhood, community, and career into the just, safe, healthy, thriving green world you want.

This program offers the students interested in the idea of sustainability an opportunity to gain an intensive, interdisciplinary focus that provides a competitive edge to students seeking employment or further education in this field.

It also has the added benefit of developing a more sentient and sensitive individual with a greater awareness of their ecological footprint.

Program Certification Requirements Hours
Sustainability-related Training 120 hrs
Gestalt-related Coursework (in addition to Department Process) 60 hrs
Somatic Studies 30 hrs
Leadership Studies 30 hrs
Student Advising 5 hrs
Department Process 50 hrs
Facilitation Training/Practice     20 hrs
Community Meeting Attendance and Participation 15 hrs
Personal Growth Electives 25 hrs
Independent Project 45 hrs
Total Hours for Certification 400 hrs
Esalen CARES One Year Program in Sustainable Citizenry and Community Life


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