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Campus Renewal: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of the Campus Renewal Project?

The goal of our Campus Renewal Project is to enhance your Esalen experience through upgraded facilities, greater levels of environmental sustainability, and expanded capacity to deliver groundbreaking educational programs.

What are the key elements of the Campus Renewal Project?

At the center of Esalen’s Campus Renewal Project is the restoration of our iconic Lodge, built in 1939. We have preserved the Lodge’s unique atmosphere while transforming the kitchen, dining area, deck, café, bookstore, and guest reception. A new second floor features an expanded Huxley meeting room and a second meeting room that shares a second-story deck with breath-taking coastline views.

Additionally, the Campus Renewal Project includes construction of a new six-room guest building, general guest room refurbishing, rebuild of our South Coast Center residential staff housing that burned down in 2011, and upgraded infrastructure in the areas of accessibility, roads, and utilities.

How long will it take?

The Campus Renewal Project will conclude in 2017.

Will there be construction noise during the Campus Renewal Project?

Construction work in the Lodge and on the Northside Guest House is complete. We don’t anticipate ongoing work to impact significantly workshops.  Construction will take place during business hours: Monday – Friday, 7 am – 4:30 pm, with limited or no construction during weekends.

Will the Campus Renewal Project reduce available parking?

Esalen has always encouraged conserving natural resources through usage of carpooling and our van shuttle service. Availability of on-campus parking will be more limited throughout the Campus Renewal Project.

We highly encourage you to explore the benefits of carpooling and our cost-effective van shuttle service, which includes airport pick-ups and drop-offs in San Francisco, San Jose and Monterey.

Is the Campus Renewal Project “green?”

At Esalen, we strive to embody sustainable ways of living on this sacred planet we call home. The Campus Renewal Project will update our facilities, and provide our community and guests with living examples of ecologically sensitive buildings.

Our selected architectural firm, Arkin Tilt Architects, is dedicated to ensuring that our remodeling stays true to the spirit of our historical roots while incorporating advancements in environmental sustainability, designed to endure for future generations. Arkin Tilt Architects is an award-winning firm specializing in energy- and resource-efficient design.

How much will the Campus Renewal Project cost?

Esalen’s Campus Renewal Project will cost approximately $20 million.

How can I support Esalen’s Campus Renewal Project?

Your presence during the Campus Renewal Project is a unique opportunity to participate in our journey of renewal while contributing to the advancement of our mission for many years to come.

As a non-profit educational institute, Esalen relies on donations to support our efforts. Please contact Monique Baron at to learn more or donate online.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Front Office at

Thank you for your interest and support! We deeply appreciate your willingness to partner with us throughout the Campus Renewal Project.


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Campus Renewal

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