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Beyond Green: Sustainability at Esalen

Esalen is a model and a thought leader in leading-edge practices for eco-conscious personal and societal transformation.

For nearly 50 years, Esalen's vision has been to be a major catalyst in the transformation of humankind. Working with individuals and institutions to integrate body, mind, heart, spirit, and community in a nurturing relationship with the environment, we believe that human possibilities vastly exceed our imagination. Without even using the word "sustainability," Esalen's vision and values capture the spirit of sustainability as an integral component in the human potential movement.

Today, sustainability at Esalen is growing beyond traditional definitions focused primarily on environmental concerns and "being green" to a more holistic and integrated approach. Whenever possible, we apply the ethics and principles of permaculture (a holistic, regenerative design system) by considering the social, cultural, economic, and environmental impacts involved in fulfilling our mission and operating Esalen. Embracing sustainable transformation as both a living-learning community and a conscious business, we strive to ensure a healthy quality of life and environment at Esalen for current and future generations.

Esalen is a Certified Green Business through the County of Monterey and is currently in the process of launching a multi-year Sustainability Action Plan that will guide the organization in growing beyond green.

Sustainability Ethics and Guiding Principles


Our goals, priorities, and measures for success align with Esalen's vision, mission, values, and practices to be a catalyst for personal and social transformation.


Esalen recognizes the effects our actions may have on other communities and natural systems, and believes it has a moral obligation to respect, preserve, and restore our natural environment and resources.


Esalen is dedicated to ensuring the quality of life for both current and future generations. This includes caring for our beloved community of staff, guests, and humankind.


Esalen employs sustainable business and community practices to provide for and share economic prosperity for the care of our future.

Join Us

We invite you to join our discussion about sustainable practices. If you have ideas or suggestions for how Esalen can grow and improve, please send an email to

Click here to download the 2016 Esalen Sustainability Action Guide.

Eco-conscious sustainability and societal transformation at Esalen


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