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Apprenticeship Structure at a Glance

The Farm & Garden is not offering an Apprentice Program for 2017. We are offering an Extended Student position through Esalen’s Residential Education Department, however the deadline to apply has passed. Currently, there is nothing to apply for beyond volunteering. Apprentice dates and deadlines for 2018 TBD.

An Apprenticeship in 4 Pulses

The yearlong apprenticeship is divided into four distinct periods of skill building and community engagement through agriculture. Each phase facilitates connection to and leadership within concentric layers of community, beginning with the core Farm & Garden crew, expanding to the Esalen and Big Sur community, and culminating in meaningful engagement and cross-pollination with a community of growers, activists, educators, and policy advocates within the food movement. Throughout the program, apprentices will develop leadership skills, plan and implement lessons and events, and engage in topics around equity and social justice.  Each section of the apprentice is punctuated and celebrated with a weeklong Esalen workshop.

Roots: Esalen Farm & Garden

This month-long basic training period focuses on group building and covers fundamentals of sustainable agriculture including soil cultivation, propagation, transplanting, irrigation, soil health and fertility, integrated pest and disease management, composting, cover cropping and harvesting.

Shoots: Esalen Community

This three-month intensive skill-building period deepens core agricultural concepts and practices. Leadership opportunities within the Farm & Garden increase, including weekly field walks with farm and garden supervisors and teaching within the Farm & Garden volunteer program.

Recharge & Revision Period I: Farm & Garden Education
This weeklong workshop invites local agricultural leaders to Esalen and highlights farm and garden education, explores different pedagogies, and builds skills in lesson planning, teaching and curriculum development.

Fruits: Extended Community

During this four-month maturation period, we deepen hands-on skills in the field as well as introduce advanced and specialized topics such as marketing, crop planning, and perennial plant care. Continued teaching and leadership opportunities within the Farm & Garden and the Big Sur community encourage each apprentice to develop their unique interests and gifts within the field us sustainable agriculture. There are opportunities to organize within our broader communities (Big Sur farmers markets, Center for Farmworker Families, etc.) and the session closes in a celebration with our extended circles.

Recharge & Revision Period II: Food Justice & Food Activism
This weeklong workshop invites diverse food activists to Esalen to share their work and their stories, creating an opportunity for apprentices to recharge, connect, and engage with a wide spectrum of leaders within the broader food movements.

Seeds: Global Community

During the final three-months of the program, apprentices are given guidance and support as they expand their leadership and responsibilities in the day-to-day running of the Farm & Garden. Supported by staff in visioning and planning their next steps beyond Esalen, apprentices leave the program ready to launch into their unique roles in transforming the food system and broadcasting seeds in their our communities.



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