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Gravity and Grace: Awakening Yoga’s Subtle Body Guides for Healing Weekend of January 5-7, 2018

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“What if your yoga practice could consistently inspire you and lead you toward the hidden gifts in your subtle body and natural healing?” asks Peter Sterios.
“At its heart, this workshop can help you create a yoga-inspired guide for living and healing, filled with insight from your experiences during the weekend. The knowledge you gain will be uniquely individual, emphasizing your own intuitive creativity, which helps create a very personal yoga practice that uncovers the hidden gifts yoga truly offers for well-being.”
During the weekend, you’ll be shown how to:
• Examine your understanding and relationship to resistance and limitation
• Understand the language your body uses to communicate imbalance, physically and psychologically
• Discover the two primary energies of the subtle body: gravity and grace, and the way they affect how you move, breathe, and create space for healing
• Stimulate your own creative forces that help build mental focus, clarity, and poise
• Recognize and value the wisdom of your own experience and the essential elements of a personal yoga practice
This workshop leads your heart, mind, and body to the divine space of the present, where everything is temporary and nothing is impossible.


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