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Workshops with CE Credits for Nurses

How to Access and Live from Self

Jan 28 - Feb 02, 2018 Begins in 1 week
with Richard Schwartz & Loch Kelly

The centerpiece of the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is the Self. Self is not a part, not a state, and not your ego. Instead, Self is knowable as your ground of Being, unity consciousness, unchanging essence, and openhearted awareness. Accessing Self, and welcoming all parts, is the ultimate medicine. Through his writing and teaching Loch Kelly has become an internationally known leader in helping people quickly access Self throughout their daily lives.


Psychedelic Medicines and the Mind

Feb 02 - 04, 2018 Begins in 2 weeks
with David Presti & Kristi Panik

Psychedelics produce powerful effects on the brain and mind, including intensification of thoughts and feelings, alterations of sensory perception, and loosening of psychological defenses. Psychedelics reveal connections between brain physiology and consciousness, among the most mysterious and exciting arenas in contemporary science. In their plant and fungal forms, psychedelics have been used for millennia for medicinal and spiritual purposes.


How to Use Posture to Nurture Strength, Openness and More

Feb 04 - 09, 2018 Begins in 2 weeks
with Esther Gokhale

Why are so many of us in pain? Why are we damaged from our normal activities (bending and lifting), exhausted from our most basic positions (sitting and standing), and uncomfortable even in our stillness (sleeping)? And why do some populations in the world enjoy pain-free, relaxed, and potent lives into old age? How can we improve our situation?


Trauma, Memory and the Restoration of One’s Self

Feb 04 - 09, 2018 Begins in 2 weeks
with Bessel van der Kolk & Licia Sky

The function of our brains is to take care of us and to be in sync with the body’s systems. Trauma changes the way the brain processes information and the body engages with the world. Trauma makes people afraid to know what they know and feel what they feel. This is expressed in heartbreak, and the state of being out of sync with oneself and one’s surroundings.


The I in the Storm: Bringing Self Leadership to Everyday Life 

Feb 04 - 09, 2018 Begins in 2 weeks
with Richard Schwartz

This workshop introduces the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model of psychotherapy, and teaches healing professionals and all who are interested how to apply it to their own countertransference. Richard Schwartz developed IFS as he learned to set aside his trained assumptions and truly listen to his clients. IFS is a highly effective way of guiding people to a state of inner clarity and compassion (called the Self) from which they know how to heal themselves.


Expanding the Practice of Sex Therapy: A Training for Health Professionals

Feb 09 - 11, 2018 Begins in 3 weeks
with Gina Ogden with Kamara McAndrews

Health, well-being, and intimate relationships are profoundly affected by sexual concerns. Yet too many health professionals lack specific training to help their clients overcome feelings of sexual inadequacy and move beyond blocks to desire and pleasure. This course looks beyond physical performance goals to explore underlying emotional and spiritual dynamics of sexual experience. Our interactive model incorporates ritual, movement, concrete structure, and the importance of boundaries.


The Path of Forgiveness: Returning to Love

Feb 11 - 16, 2018 Begins in 3 weeks
with Eileen Barker & Michael Gelbart

Are you ready to release the burden of resentment, recrimination, and regret and feel more empowered? In these challenging times, it’s more important than ever to expand our capacity to skillfully work through fear, anger, divisiveness, and other patterns that limit our well-being. Mastering the act of forgiveness is essential for anyone seeking psychological freedom and emotional transformation.


Medical Qigong: Preventative Medicine and Self-Healing through Mind-Body Practices

Feb 16 - 18, 2018 Begins in 4 weeks
with Roger Jahnke

Qigong is medical by its very nature. Qigong works by improving the practitioners’ immunity response, increasing self-healing and self-recovery capabilities, and enhancing self-regeneration potential. Science has demonstrated that humans can prevent 70-80% of the diseases for which they get treated. Qigong practice serves both a preventive and curative function. It is considered to be effective in improving many chronic conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, allergies, asthma, arthritis, depression, anxiety, and addiction.


The Body Remembers: Healing Trauma and Returning to Ourselves with Esalen® Massage

Feb 18 - 23, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Dean Marson & Brita Ostrom

“Touch is a universal form of soothing, and it can awaken us to what is real in this moment,” the leaders write. “Familiar, non-sexual touch provokes the release of hormones and returns the body to the beneficial relaxation response. This workshop expands our understanding of healing touch. It offers tools to make touch safe and consensual, and allows for deeper release and present-moment centeredness within the context of a massage or bodywork session.


Cultivating Meaning and Happiness through Mindfulness and Yoga

Feb 23 - 25, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Ira Israel

Many of us would benefit from learning how to dis-identify with the mental chatter in our heads and cultivate equanimity. These qualities help us make healthy, long-term decisions and engender loving, positive, secure, and supportive attachments to other people.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Mar 02 - 04, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Mark Abramson

The impact of stress on health is well recognized. Now the efficacy of stress reduction as an adjunct to medical treatment is being recognized in more and more health care settings. In 1996 Dr. Mark Abramson founded a program at Stanford University Medical Center using the 2,500-year-old technique of Mindfulness Meditation to train patients as an adjunct treatment for many different medical conditions.


Heart of Awareness: Joining Embodiment and Meditation, Discovering Healing and Compassion

Mar 04 - 09, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Susan Aposhyan

Being a human is a complex task. In order to make the most of our lives and cultivate a peaceful and sustainable human culture, most of us need to practice being present and feeling our bodies. This workshop uses embodiment practices, embodied meditation practice, embodied speech, embodied listening, and embodied relationship as the means to achieve personal and cultural peace and creativity. Susan Aposhyan developed these practices in the context of Body-Mind Psychotherapy.


The Dynamic Spine: Yoga for the Prevention and Relief of Low Back and Pelvic Dysfunction

Mar 09 - 11, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Harvey Deutch

We live in a culture that extols constant productivity. From sunrise to sunset, we move at a breakneck pace in order to meet the day's demands. Is it any wonder that we have distanced ourselves from the body's signals of discomfort? Such signals may be a particular chronic ache or perhaps a more abstract sensation of overall stiffness. This path leads to decreased energy and an inability to embrace each day with optimal vitality.


Radically Alive: A Radical Aliveness Workshop

Mar 11 - 16, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Ann Bradney

“There is a state in which you are fully alive, authentic, and spontaneous,” says Ann Bradney. “You are open to all of your feelings, and connected to your strength and your truth. You are not afraid to know anything about yourself or about others. You seek out and value the diverse perspectives we all bring, and you actualize your creativity and meet life in all its possibilities. In this state you are a force of nature, a presence that helps life’s greatest potential to emerge. I call this Radical Aliveness.


Radically Alive Sexuality: A Radical Aliveness Workshop

Mar 16 - 18, 2018 Begins in 1 month
with Ann Bradney

“Sexual energy and life-force energy are the same,” Ann Bradney says. “When we can experience ourselves as fully developed sexual beings, alive with vibrant energy coursing through our bodies, we feel more connected, creative, and excited about bringing our gifts to the world. In this deeply interactive workshop, you will be shown techniques to free up this energy and access more pleasure and fulfillment.


IAHE: The Upledger Institute International's Craniosacral Therapy 1

Apr 01 - 06, 2018 Begins in 2 months
with Melinda Naye

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle, noninvasive, hands-on technique to help detect and correct imbalances in the craniosacral system that may cause sensory, motor, or intellectual dysfunction. It is used to treat a myriad of health problems, including headaches, neck and back pain, TMJ dysfunction, chronic fatigue, motor coordination difficulties, eye problems, endogenous depression, hyperactivity, and central nervous system disorders.


Mindfulness and Lovingkindness Meditation

Apr 06 - 08, 2018 Begins in 2 months
with Shauna Shapiro

Come join us as we cultivate greater wisdom, joy, health, and well-being. Drawing on practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness as well as revolutionary research in neuroscience, we will explore the transformational power of meditation. We can discover how the weaving together of lovingkindness and mindfulness supports us in healing and living a joyful and meaningful life. In this workshop, you will be taught simple yet potent meditation practices, including lovingkindness practices, mindfulness meditation, and mindful movement.


Healing Art of Deep Bodywork: Healing Acute and Chronic Back Pain

Apr 08 - 13, 2018 Begins in 2 months
with Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman

Competent, deep soft-tissue work is an invaluable tool in the skill-set of today’s successful massage and bodywork practitioner. The number one complaint any bodyworker deals with over time is acute and chronic back pain. In this new Healing Art of Deep Bodywork seminar, we will continue to develop the practitioner’s knowledge of how to assess and relieve the different types of back problems that clients present. Up until now, all of the work on the back we have learned has been done with clients laying face up or face down.


Mind, Mood and Food: Optimal Nutrition for Body and Brain

Apr 15 - 20, 2018 Begins in 2 months
with James Gordon, Kathie Swift, Mark Hyman, Cindy Geyer, Catherine McConkie & Amy Shinal

Mind, Mood and Food brings together medical and culinary nutrition with cutting-edge research for clinicians and health-conscious individuals to learn how to improve mental and emotional well-being with food. This five-day training includes experiential learning with food, nature, mind-body medicine, live food demonstrations, and whole-food meals that inspire long-lasting nutritional transformation. Participants will be taught a new science-based approach using nutrition to address personal health challenges, for yourself, your clients, and your families.


Adult Attachment in Romantic Relationships

Apr 20 - 22, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Lisa Firestone & Joyce Catlett

Interpersonal relationships can be the ultimate source of happiness or misery. What are the factors that determine whether partners will end up experiencing love and fulfillment in their relationships or suffering pain and distress? This workshop helps answer this question by providing participants with a theoretical model that integrates attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, and separation theory in a manner that can provide a road map for developing and maintaining intimacy.


5Rhythms®: Grief, Loss and the Body in Motion

Apr 20 - 22, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Davida Taurek & Peter Selwyn

Have you experienced loss and the natural emotions of sadness, anger, fear, and love? How do you process your losses and move through your life? Unfortunately, many of us have not found safe and effective ways to express these emotions, and we can feel stuck, both emotionally and at times physically, with the cumulative burden of our unfinished business.


Thriving in Uncertainty: A Workshop in Sensory Awareness

Apr 27 - 29, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Lee Lesser

Life is uncertain. As much as we try to create stability and predictability, each moment brings its own surprise and its own unique offering. The more we can show up for each moment of our life just as it is, the more we can thrive in the midst of uncertainty. Our sensations are wonderful allies in this process. As we pay attention to our sensory experience, the more connected we become to what is actually happening. Charlotte Selver, the founder of Sensory Awareness in the United States, used to say, “Every moment is a moment. Every moment makes a certain request of us.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Cultivating Psychological Wellness

Apr 29 - May 04, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with John Forsyth & Jamie Forsyth

Acceptance and mindfulness-based practices are rapidly making their way into mental health care, medicine, and society — both to alleviate human suffering and nurture psychological health and wellness. This body of work offers a fresh perspective on psychological suffering, and powerful clinical strategies that support meaningful life changes. In this workshop for mental health professionals, participants will learn about one particular approach and set of evidence-based practices called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).


Mindfulness in Deep Relationship: Savoring the Sources of Nourishment

May 04 - 06, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Jerome Front

This retreat invites participants to open to their most elemental relationship, that which exists between the body, mind, and the natural world as it manifests through eating, breathing, and our senses. This is not a workshop about nutrition or eating, but begins with how formal mindful sensory meditations and awareness of body sensations, including eating awareness, develops mindfulness/mindful awareness. This is how mindfulness is learned. This awareness then widens to include the deep nourishment we receive from being in mindful relationship with each other.


Awakening the Creative: The Painting Experience

May 06 - 11, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Stewart Cubley

Explore the world of spontaneous creation, an unpredictable territory beyond the expected where no rules apply. In a respectful and nurturing studio environment, you’ll receive individual attention and gentle guidance to help you open to inspiration, creativity, growth, and change. Using the powerful tool of “process arts,” you’ll be supportively invited to:
• Discover a creative voice that’s entirely your own
• Trust your intuitive perception, not the mind’s critical chatter
• Follow your energy rather than what looks good or makes sense


Mindful Self-Compassion Intensive Training

May 06 - 11, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Steve Hickman & Michelle Becker

Self-compassion is the heart of mindfulness. It is warm-hearted, connected presence during difficult moments in our lives. Self-compassion provides emotional strength and resilience that allows us to admit our shortcomings, motivate ourselves with encouragement, forgive ourselves when needed, care for others, and be more fully ourselves. Rapidly expanding research shows that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional well-being, lower levels of anxiety and depression, healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and more satisfying personal relationships.


EMDR Basic Training: Part 3 – Advanced Clinical Workshop and Refresher Course

May 13 - 18, 2018 Begins in 3 months
with Laurel Parnell

Refresh your technique and review EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) protocols and procedures, consult on your difficult cases, watch demonstrations, and practice EMDR in small, supervised groups. Instruction will focus on using EMDR with complex cases, resource development and installation, target development, and interweaves.
This EMDR course is for participants who have completed either part 2 training or an equivalent EMDRIA-approved course.


Mind, Mood and Happiness: Transforming the Self 

May 25 - 27, 2018 Begins in 4 months
with Ronald Alexander

If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to. If you are not afraid of dying, there is nothing you cannot achieve. – Lao Tzu


Healing Art of Deep Bodywork®: Deep Tissue Skills for Massage Practitioners, Advanced Hip-work, Feet and Lower Legs

May 27 - Jun 01, 2018 Begins in 4 months
with Perry Holloman & Johanna Holloman

Mastering the art of moving deeply into the body’s soft tissue layers adds a powerful dimension to the massage practitioner’s skill set. Bodyworkers who have learned to work slowly and with great sensitivity on these deeper layers are sought after both in private practice and in spas. Perry and Johanna Holloman have created a series of classes for massage professionals that are designed to teach deep tissue skills, which are readily integrated into participants’ current massage practice.


Mindful Communication: Truth Without Blame

Jun 01 - 03, 2018 Begins in 4 months
with Jean Morrison

Do the words you express often create walls when you are hoping for connection or understanding? Are you OK in relationships yet desire something deeper with more meaning and heart?


Inner Power Qigong: The 9 Phases of Qi Cultivation and Mastery

Jun 10 - 15, 2018 Begins in 4 months
with Roger Jahnke

Health, well-being, and longevity can be achieved through cultivating and mastering qi. Every style of qigong — including tai chi and yoga — shares a basis in essential principles. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to awaken and refine natural healing and intuitive abilities associated with the most mysterious and neglected aspect of being: the eternal nature, or universal self.


Igniting the Power of Your Empathy and Intuition

Jul 27 - 29, 2018 Begins in 6 months
with Judith Orloff

There is a powerful connection between your emotions, intuition, and empathy. The magic comes when you learn how to tap into each of them to fully access your sensitivities without going on overload or becoming drained. Judith Orloff, a UCLA-trained psychiatrist, NY Times best-selling author, and empath, will show you how to awaken your intuition and empathy to enhance your health, work, relationships, resilience as a parent, and emotional and physical well-being.



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