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Frederick Chavalit Tsao

Frederick Chavalit Tsao

Frederick Chavalit Tsao

Frederick Chavalit Tsao is the Chairman of IMC Pan Asian Alliance Group since 1995.  Born in 1957, Mr. Tsao joined the family business in 1977 as an engineer trainee after graduating from the University of Michigan. 

Mr. Tsao was instrumental in the privatization and successful turn-around of United Thai Shpping Corporation, Ltd., Thailand’s national shipping line, and the subsequent listing of the company, under the name of Unithai Line Public Co. Ltd., on the stock exchange of Thailand.  Under his leadership, IMC transformed from a traditional shipping company into a regional enterprise with diverse business interests worldwide, including Singapore, China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

In 1989, Mr Tsao became the Managing Director of IMC Holdings Ltd.  In 1995, Mr Tsao took over the helm of the IMC Group of Companies from his father, and following a restructuring process, IMC Pan Asia Alliance (IMC PAA) was formed. Under his stewardship, the company has expanded from a traditional shipping company to one that is focused on integrated industrial supply chains and a group that is diversified from maritime interests to encompass lifestyle/real estate, investments and community development.

Mr Tsao firmly believes that leadership should be founded on fundamental values and philo-sophies with a worldview. Tradition and cultural values need to be carefully integrated with social developments associated with globalisation to achieve stability and harmony. With these guiding principles, Mr Tsao created, in 1995, the East West Cultural Development Centre, a non-profit organization aimed at building more harmonious relationships in a rapidly globalised world. The centre organises round-table discussions, seminars, cultural and sports programmes for schools as well as the corporate sector.

Mr Tsao also recognizes the importance of family businesses in the global economy and is a strong advocate of more research in areas such as succession planning, business transformation, social engagement and leadership cultivation to allow family businesses to learn more from each other. He is the President of FBNA, the regional chapter of Family Business Network (FBN) International, the world's leading network of business owning families which seek to promote the success and sustainability of family businesses.

Mr Tsao served as Chairman of Intercargo, an international association representing one-third of the dry bulk cargo ship-owners, from 1998 to 2005. He remains an Executive Committee Member of Intercargo.

Mr Tsao holds a Master of Science in Engineering (Industrial and Operations Engineering) from the University of Michigan.


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